Nov 25, 2016

What Don Siegelman is Thankful for.

"We are just a few steps from the prison cell door, February 8th,
[This is the earliest release date. The BOP decides the actual date.] but there is another deadline looming, Donald Trump's Inauguration Day in DC.

President Obama's last day is our last hope. He is only person who can, with his signature, right the wrong that I, and so many of us, have been seeking."

                    From a posting by former Governor Siegleman. You can see the entire post HERE.

Hubbard, right, before his removal from office.

      While the Democratic former Governor is hoping to be out of prison soon, another elected official in Alabama is trying to stay out. 
     Convicted Republican Speaker Mike Hubbard filed another appeal Thanksgiving week, perhaps hoping to have something he too can be thankful for.

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