Dec 12, 2016

The Panhandle is OURS!

1700 Spanish map of The Florida Panhandle and Alabama Coast
   I've said for years that Florida does not deserve the Panhandle. They already have more coastline than can be much beach do you need, anyway???

     Now some researchers have redrawn the U-S State boundaries to reflect modern economies...and voila! The Florida Panhandle is OURS!

"....most state boundaries were drawn during the 17th to 19th centuries, says Garrett Nelson, a historical geographer at Dartmouth College. “Why should we think that areas which were drawn up for horses and buggies still make sense for interstates and telecommuting?”

Florida also loses Miami, so I'm not sure which they would object to the most.

The Washington Post has the full and rather interesting story HERE!

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