Dec 22, 2016

Trump Targets The F35....and Roby?

    Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-Montgomery) has been a defender of the most expensive weapons system ever F35 attack jet that would replace the F16.
     Her motivation comes at least partly because Montgomery is a finalist to be home to a squad of the F35 jets.
     Roby is also the congresswoman who withdrew her support for Donald Trump when tape was shown of him making sexual comments about women. 
     And now Trump is continuing his assault on the F-35:

     That message came in a story in The Washington Post, which you can read HERE.  

UPDATE: CNN reports Trump's stand on the jet fighter is one of a series of disruptive actions he took on Thursday.

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Jay Croft said...

Let us not forget that Trump has absolutely no status until the stroke of noon (both hands on the clock point straight up) on January 20.

Not a moment sooner.