Jan 16, 2017

MMMM #563 ---The DIRT on The Donald

     None other than The Columbia Journalism defended Buzzfeed's decision to publish the ethical and sexual unverified allegations against the President-elect:

By publishing the documents when it did, accompanied by strong caveats about their reliability, BuzzFeed put itself at the heart of the story and made some of its most prominent journalists go-to people for any tips the dossier might generate.


That happened while the other, more conventional media---including FOX---. protested BuzzFeed's decision.

     Also, the President-Elect's decision to refuse to accept a question from CNN, charging it is "fake news", gave all of the other reporters in the room a chance to join together and refuse to go along with Trump's decision to ignore THE mainstream media.  
     I hope they feel as comfortable when their question is refused.


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