Jan 8, 2017

Sunday Focus: At Rest in Maryland

     Montgomery residents have a relationship with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court Justice, because she was a native of Montgomery, and they lived here for a while.

     An article in www.Atlasobscura.com about places to visit in Maryland details the couple's final resting place....which I never knew until www.timlennox.com's Maryland Correspondent and Editor at large Jay Croft found the article.

Zelda Fitzgerald
The Fitzgerald's grave-site in Maryland

"With little money left in the estate and the tarnished reputation of their final years the Fitzgeralds were not immediately given a grand burial. F. Scott was quietly buried in a family plot at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Maryland, and when Zelda passed, she was interred directly above her late husband’s body. It was not until years later that a proper headstone was installed for the couple bearing the final words from The Great Gatsby:
“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
                                                                             From Atlasobscura.com article


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Jay Croft said...

I have driven past St. Mary's Church in Rockville many, many times, but never knew that the Fitzgeralds were buried there.

In another Alabama note: Alabamian Helen Keller made several visits to a house a few blocks from the Fitzgerald's Montgomery home. An historical marker outside the house marks this.

Helen Keller is interred in the Washington National Cathedral, which I have visited countless times and even preached there in 1989.