Feb 4, 2017

Saturday Data: Baseball vs Football

"....sometime between 1960 and 1972 -- spanning a decade marked by sweeping moral, religious and cultural change in the U.S. -- Americans shifted from a primarily baseball-loving people to a primarily football-loving people. 

"Even in 1972, the impact of television was obvious -- as George Gallup said, "Interest in football has no doubt been affected by the steadily increasing coverage the sport has received from the major television networks."

I don't see any regional breakdown in the Gallup research, but I'm confident football was on top here in the Deep South long before it became the national preference. 


   In 2007, Gallup found a gender split within viewers who watch the Super Bowl for the game vs those who watch the broadcast for...the ads.

See the full Gallup Report on Football vs Baseball HERE.
And the report on the game vs the commercials HERE.

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Jay Croft said...

I think that the weather has something to do with this.

Baseball officials will call off or delay a game if a few raindrops fall. Football is played in any sort of weather.

My grandmother, bless her soul, liked to watch football on black-and-white TV because she liked to see the players get all muddied.

Tim Lennox said...

Good point, Jay.