Feb 24, 2017

Spring Now?

     Hard to know what to do in the garden with Spring apparently having sprung weeks early. But if you're thinking trees, you can get free seedlings tomorrow---Saturday 2-15-17---in Montgomery!

     This is normally the time to apply "week and feed", but this season? And its tempting to return the plants to the deck after their couple of months indoors, but is it risky? 
     Alabama News Network This Morning's weather guy Ryan Stinnett says that's about it for Winter...but Ryan also can't rule out a short dip back below freezing!
      As I write this it is 81 degrees on the desk and I brushed away a wasp a few minutes ago. Big ant mounds are appearing too.

And remember we in Alabama are entering out primary severe weather season. You can watch the "Safe From The Storm" weather special on Alabama News Network tomorrow at 6:00 PM on CBS 8 or ABC Montgomery.


1 comment:

Jay Croft said...

Ant mounds? I forgot about those.

We don't have them where I live. Deo gratias.