Mar 17, 2017

REALLY Groupom?????

From an online Irish heritage message:
"Groupon is (again) selling Irish t-shirts bearing derogatory, stereotypical statements that deliberately equate our culture with drunkenness.
You may remember that last year a rebel son of Eire purchased Walmart's entire stock, then returned them after St. Patrick's Day
celebrations. The most offensive green one this year: "Drunk Lives Matter." Really?

What happened to Irish music, poetry, literature, dance and the contagious welcoming Irish spirit?"

from County Mayo when our poor Irish-Catholic tenant farmers
were being ripped off by their land agent named BOYCOTT.

Whomever started this thread has an excellent point, but Gropon is FAR from alone. Amazon has 'em. So does ebay and other sites.
There is NO reason the Irish people should be slammed like this. 
It is like racism by ancestry.  

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