May 23, 2017

Monumental Changes

An Alabama Confederate Memorial in Montgomery.
   As you no doubt know, New Orleans has now removed four confederate monuments from public property and put them in storage.

     New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu explained his decision in a speech last Friday. You can read it HERE.

The Legislative Chamber 
where Alabama seceded.
     At about the same time he was making that speech, the Alabama Legislature was voting to do the opposite. 
     They've approved a bill to protect monuments to the confederacy from being torn down, going so far as to forbid local communities from removing monuments unless they have permission from the State.

The Confederate Memorial in Montgomery.
    And just about every town and city in Alabama has one of those monuments, often in the town square...they were often erected long after the war, sometimes in the 1950's as a statement of racial inequality rather than to honor those who fought for the South in the War.

The flag in the photo on the left was part of the display at the Alabama Confederate Memorial on the state capital grounds. They were removed by the order of ousted Governor Robert Bentley.

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