Jun 8, 2017

Duckwars, 2017.

This is the story of the duck invasion of 2016, though parts of the story have been lost in time.

Most of the attacks came against major American cities, all of them falling to a series of raids, No one seemed to know where the huge fowls originated.  

The American Military was quickly depleted, the Air Force taken down by kamikaze-like attacks on jet fighters. Even giant Air Force supply planes were forced to the ground.

The government employed spies, but that too was a failure when the invaders were able to recognize them as interlopers.

Eventually ground forces made progress, taking out many of the younger invaders in fierce fighting.

 The Army drove the ducks into a retreat....forcing them to gather their murderous young...pursued by the emboldened U.S. forces....

The remaining yellow flying beasts were outmatched, taken down in droves...but those that escaped? Despite a massive search on Earth and above, we do not know where they went.

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