Jun 5, 2017

MMMM # 573 The (Male) Future of CNN +

A few items from the week I was on vacation, including this cover photo by The Hollywood Reporter (and by CNN, which allowed it in the first place!)
The cover shot includes news anchor Jake Tapper, YouTube star and CNN hire Casey Neistat, CNN President Jeff Zucker, CNN host W. Kamau Bell, and chef-turned-host Anthony Bourdain.

Critics were quick to pounce, reported The Daily Mail:

  • ‘Gents, not one of you noticed "We're all dudes. That doesn't seem right”
  • ‘Hey CNN, women can fight your new war, too, you know,’
  • ‘I'm pretty sure the future of media also has some ladies,’
  • ‘These CNN men are doing INCREDIBLE things. The women are also killing it by the way.

Speaking of: I'm forever noticing commercials in which there are only white folks....in a city with a more than 50% black population. Are they sending a subtle message? We don't want customers of color?
     And the folks at AL.COM managed to get racial information into a story where it was only  needed to satisfy the racial curiosity of readers..
An investigation is underway after a home invasion early Friday in Mountain Brook. Mountain Brook police say three black males - all armed with guns - entered a home in the 3500 block of Mill Springs Road.

     If there is a full description of suspects, race is certainly a factor,  but all the police offered was this:
The suspects were wearing dark masks and dark clothing. 
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