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Jun 10, 2017

Sewell and Archibald on NPR. The Auditor too.

AL.COM columnist John Archibald and Democratic Rep. Terri Sewell were interviewed by NPR when the network broadcast live form the lyric Theater in Birmingham. They also interviewed Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, though it is hard to understand why they could not book someone higher on the food chain from the numerous Republican statewide elected officials.Unless they did not want to be heard on Public Radio.
Nonetheless, HERE is the transcript of The Auditor's interview.

HERE is a link to the Sewell interview.

ALSO interviewed during the same broadcast: John Archibald, former Birmingham News columnists and now writer for the online entity that is all that is left of the three largest papers in Alabama. AL.COM

HERE is the link to the Archibald interview.

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Charles Kinnaird said...

I was there yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed the early morning outing to witness the live broadcast and to see the beautifully restored lyric. Before yesterday, I knew of Zeigler only by name. It was a little embarrassing that he can across as a traditional Southern Foghorn Leghorn type of blowhard (and he got some boos with one comment, which Mr. Simon then asked the audience to refrain from and to show respect for the guest). To his credit, Zeiglar remained there in the audience throughout the broadcast.

One of the best treats for me was hearing John Paul White on his classical acoustic guitar. A talented vocalist as well. Then to see how moved Scott Simon was when White sang "Birmingham Jail."

Scott Simon is a class act, and it was a great way to start the day!