Jul 16, 2017

Sunday Focus: The Gun that Sank The CSS Alabama

   I've written about The CSS Alabama frequently enough on this website, in fact there is still a related website created by friend and former APT co-worker Bob Corley and I. But another chapter of the ship's history came my way this morning via a story in an upstate New York newspaper.

     The CSS Alabama was sank by a US Navy ship off the Coast of France in way-off Civil War battle towards the end of the war. You can read an account of that battle HERE from that other website. 

     The U.S. Navy ship USS Kearsarge sank the CSS Alabama with the help of its Dahlgren guns...and the newspaper story reports the (or "a") Dahlgren gun from the Kearsarge is now on display at a cemetery in Amsterdam, NY. But it took a decades- long journey before it landed---as a completely different kind of gun---in that Fairview cemetery.
     Northern newspapers reported the sinking of the raider as the end of a "pirate" ship.


    Guns from The CSS Alabama were recovered in the last century from the ships grave at the bottom of ocean off France, and one of them is in Mobile.

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Jay Croft said...

Can't trust those Nawthun newspapers. They actually call the War of Northern Aggression "the Civil War!"