Jul 9, 2017

Sunday Focus: Guns and Deaths in The States..

Where are there more guns per capita.....Alabama or Washington D.C.?

D.C. wins the arms race with Alabama. It is #2 in the nation behind Wyoming which is by far the most-armed state. According to a CBS News report,  there are tree times as many guns per-capita in Wyoming than there are in Washington. 

And Alabama? 7th.
Our neighboring Mississippi ranks just 42nd

HERE's the CBS report.

Also consider these gun death per-capita* stats from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

#7 Alabama and #1Wyoming had identical rates of gun deaths in 2015: 19.6, while Louisiana was number one at 20.4

Louisiana was also number one for gun violence in a 24/7 Wall Street report in 2015.

*Where does D.C. rank in gun deaths? I could not find it in the CDC reports.

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