Aug 5, 2017

Saturday Data: Unions

     Mississippi auto workers rejected a UAW effort to unionize the Nissan plant in that state overnight.
     Is it a harbinger of similar efforts at the car plants in Alabama?
     This morning's NY Times reports:

"Veteran workers at the plant make about $26 per hour, typically only a few dollars less than veteran workers represented by the union at the major American automakers, and well above the median wage in Mississippi."

     It is likely the wages in the Southern plants would not be that high if not for the influence of, and fear about, unions.

     The percentage of unionized workers in Alabama has varied relatively little in the past decade, from a high of 12% of the workforce to a low of 9%. Almost all of the states like Alabama that have passed so-called "right to work" legislation are in the South. The democratic-sounding bills make it harder for workers to form unions. 

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