Sep 4, 2017

Inventive Women, The surface of MARS, an Harvey Flooded Cars.

  • The BBC has come up with a list of nine things that you may not have known were invented by women, including one very common device invented by an Alabama woman.

  • A camera that can see through the human body? Sort of...and we may be on our way to a Star Trek Tricorder.

  • Hurricane Harvey may have destroyed a million vehicles. How to handle that mess...from the junked cars and trucks to insurance coverage. The Washington Post has a good article about it HERE...including this advice:

"Flooded cars could be shipped to other parts of the country or even other nations. To find out where the car came from and if it has a salvage title, experts suggest keying the vehicle identification number into services (there’s a charge) that search car histories such as Autocheck or Carfax."

  • The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is providing some amazing photos of the surface of the planet.....go HERE for a collection from NASA, with a few samples below. 


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