Oct 17, 2017

The Wall

An 1899 photo of the Arizona/Mexico border.

    A Montgomery Construction company is one of several building life-sized samples of President Trump's wall along the u-S Mexico border.
     When Caddell Construction was named one of the six finalists, they would not talk with us at Alabama News Network citing security issues.
     Now the wall samples are making it impossible to keep the various designs secret. The Washington Post has a story that shows two wall segments....but does not identify which company built them.
     The Post story says Homeland Security asked the companies not to place any ads on the wall segments---though that was a way to pay for the wall that was suggested by the ladies on The View, reported Mediaite:

 They suggested that the wall be covered in advertisements, kind of like a NASCAR jumpsuit. Breitbart had ad space, as did a generic bail bond company and, of course, Trump Steaks.
     The sample wall segments are to be 30 feet long and between  18 and 30 feet tall. Each company will build two segments, one made of concrete, the other of other materials.
      How will they test the segments? How about asking the various U.S. military special forces to try to get over it (no explosives, please), or hire some of the Mexican border crossers, offering citizenship to those who make it?

CBS reported on Texas Republicans who oppose the Trump wall in March.

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