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Jan 4, 2018

Advertising the Army

Obviously I support advertising----that the way I am paid, albeit indirectly. 

But an advertising publication's report finds advertising for the U.S. Army is not doing the job:

“In addition, our analysis showed that only 3 of the 23 (about 13 percent) marketing programs generated a positive impact during the year,” it reads.
The document goes on to claim that the AMRG spent more than $930.7 million from 2013 to 2016 “on marketing efforts that potentially didn’t provide best value to support Army recruiting,” noting that 20 different programs costing a collective $36.8 million in 2016 alone “didn’t demonstrate a positive return.” The summary continues, “For [fiscal years 2018-2023], AMRG would continue to use about $220 million for the same ineffective marketing programs.”
 Read the full article in AdWeek HERE.

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