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Mar 13, 2018

Autism's Scarlet Letter "A"


 A bill is being considered in the Legislature would allow drivers who are autistic to buy special car tags to identify themselves to police.

 A few questions: 
  • ...will the car only be driven by the autistic person?
  • Since many autistic people are too young to drive, can a parent buy the tag?
  • There are already dozens---really MANY dozens of plates in Alabama (and remember the special plates for universities and the military!). Ask your local police officer about the confusion it causes when deciphering tags. 
  • The sponsor says he was motivated by a police stop of an autistic person, but the only one I can find involving an actual stop was of a mental health professional who was with an autistic boy and who ended up being shop in the leg by police.

The "Scarlet Letter" reference is literary--- a Nathaniel Hawthorn novel published in 1850. 

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