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Mar 20, 2018

Climate Change, South and North

     Two stories in different publications point to the potential impact of climate change here in the South and up North in Canada. The change in coastal Alabama is more critical.

     The Rolling Stone article includes this map of the economic impact. Our attention is quickly drawn to the American South. It shows a drop of 10% to 20% in the Alabama GNP because of rising water levels on the Alabama coast. (Yes, we have one.)

     Much less drastic, at least from our vantage point here in the American Deep South, is a story in this morning's N.Y. Times about a potential end to an institution in Canada: Winters are getting too warm to sustain backyard skating rinks.

"Climate change does not mean the immediate end of cold weather, as recent nor’easters have shown, but it is putting a squeeze on outdoor skating, a deep part of this country’s cultural identity. Irregular freezing weather is not enough for a good outdoor rink; consistency is key."

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