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Jun 11, 2018

How Close is Alabama's 2nd District House Runoff between Roby and Bright???

From and article in today's NY Times about the GOP runoff election between Former Mayor Bobby Bright and Incumbent Martha Roby. The headline:

Even a Whiff of Disloyalty to Trump Can Imperil a G.O.P. Incumbent

"There are indications that top Republicans, including Mr. Trump, are preparing to try to defuse the situation, at least in this race. At the urging of Paul D. Ryan, speaker of the House, Vice President Mike Pence nearly interceded on Ms. Roby’s behalf in the primary. But after deliberating with top aides until nearly the day of the vote, he held off, because Mr. Trump had not decided whether to forgive Ms. Roby and did not offer his own public endorsement. Republican officials now believe that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence will endorse her in the runoff."

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