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Jun 6, 2018

MEDIA: Primary Exposure

Alabama News Network Chief Videographer Bill Gill, and reporter Andrew James, got what may be their first photo in the N.Y. Times.

It was used to illustrate a column by Quin Hillyer...who used to be a regular guest on "For The Record" on APT. The headline?

A Roy Moore-Less Campaign in Alabama Was Still Pretty Crazy

     Bill and Andrew were covering Incumbent Republican Governor Kay Ivey voting and a photog caught them both. You can see it (and Quinn's column) HERE.

It's the same place I voted half an hour earlier.

Among other things, Quin writes about voters in Alabama being fed up:

"In less than two years, they had seen the speaker of their state House convicted of influence peddling, their chief justice evicted on ethics charges, their governor forced to resign, their newly appointed senator suspected of making a dirty deal to secure his perch and their beloved former senator Jeff Sessions repeatedly trashed by the president who appointed him as attorney general of the United States."

(Quin Hillyer in the NY Times)

UPDATE: Another Republican lawmaker--Rep. Ed Henry--has been indicted on charged involving a "pill mill". See the story HERE.

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