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Jul 10, 2018

Time Passing

Teenage sales clerk in the At Home store in Montgomery asking if I am a veteran (they offer a discount).

I told her yes, though it was long before she was born, "during Vietnam", I added helpfully....

Clerk: "Oh! My Grandfather served in Vietnam."

Me: ---sigh---

 1970, Quang Tri, Vietnam


Billy Hall said...

Echo —-sigh—- , “From The Delta To The DMZ”, July 4, 1970 - mid June 1971, 86th Chemical Detachment, Quang Tri Combat Base, RVN.
Trecked up to the MARS station about twice a month to place my call “to The World”.
Thanks for helping in the effort to keep me sane. And welcome home, Brother.
Billy Hall, Beulah, Alabama

Jay Croft said...

Get used to it, Tim.

Recently, in conversation with my two teenage granddaughters, I mentioned carbon copy paper.

Neither had any idea what that was.