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Nov 5, 2018

Clouds over Hyundai????

The Hyundai Plant in Montgomery.

     Reuters is sending out a story that does not bode well for important story for us here in Montgomery, Alabama, home to the only U.S. Hyundai plant. The headline?

How Hyundai Motor, once a rising star, lost its shine

In the United States, the world’s second-biggest auto market, Hyundai’s market share fell to 4 percent last year, near a decade low.
Hyundai ran into problems in China and the United States for similar reasons: It missed shifts in consumer tastes, especially the surge in demand for SUVs, and it sought higher prices than its brand image could command, four Chinese dealers and half a dozen former and current U.S. dealers, executives and employees said. 
In a statement to Reuters, Hyundai said it is addressing its problems in its key U.S. and Chinese markets, revamping designs, launching new SUVs and giving regional units more autonomy to quickly develop products tailored to local tastes.

The full story is HERE

There are a LOT of cars in the Clovis yards at the Montgomery assembly plant....seen here via Google Earth....but the U.S. is a BIG place and there is only one factory to serve all of it.

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