Jun 22, 2016

Media Extra; Horndog Bentley.

Those of us in Alabama who have followed and reported on the travails of Governor Robert Bentley won't find any blockbuster information in a lengthy GQ article, but there's a nice amount of detail that paints quite a portrait. A good read. The headline:

The Love Song of Robert Bentley, Alabama’s Horndog Governor.



"Whatever Mason's motives—to buck up a governor who she felt needed to assert himself or to win the affections of a lovelorn old man—the ego-stroking worked so well that some people were shocked. “When she became his top political adviser, it was like the Hindenburg came down and fell on the Titanic as the Titanic hit the iceberg,” one person who was once close to Bentley told me. “I was watching a woman who didn't know how a bill becomes a law running the state of Alabama.”


Olympic Omen?

Soldiers shot and killed this jaguar after it escaped from its handler.
The jaguar is the mascot of the Brazil Summer Olympics. It is also an endangered animal. Reuters has the story
Not a great way to kick things off.

Jun 21, 2016


     It always strikes me as foolish when I am in Downtown Montgomery (or Birmingham or Mobile or any city in Alabama) and men are walking to a meeting or lunch wearing coat and, especially, a tie. Is there anything else we can do to increase the misery of the Summer heat?
     It used to be even worse.
     This will be a shock to millennials, but there was a time when a coat and tie was virtually required uniform for...

   Going anywhere on a plane.


   Going to college!

    Working in an  office...but you knew that from Madmen, right? 

 The dress up habit was hard to break, but it may have started about 1950 when a Gallup poll found a majority of men promoting a more casual style:

"In some parts of the United States, notably the South, shedding coats in restaurants on hot days is a custom of long standing. But in other areas, many a restaurant will request a male guest to get his coat before he can sit down to eat."

So here we are in the first week of the Summer of 2016! Time to put away the ties?

      I own a least a couple of hundred ties after more than 20 years on the tube (Radio was much more casual). Above is he "active|" tie rack from which I choose one for on-air each day.  Sometimes I take two in to ask Olivia or Elissia for their opinion.
     Ties drift off it and onto one of the closed tie racks, perhaps to rejoin the  flock later or not. Perhaps reTIErement, when it arrives, will allow me to winnow this down to a few dozen for select )NOT Summer) wear?
     Alabama News Network's Shane Butler predicts a high of 98 on Saturday high on Friday.
     Viewers who have come up to say hi at stores etc know I always wear my coat and tie. Right.

Mississippi Burning Killings: Case Closed.

     The name now forever attached to the murders of the three freedom riders is from the movie by that name.
     The Atlantic has the story of the decision to close the case, one day short of the 52nd anniversary of the deaths. 

“This case will never be closed until it heals the wounds that have divided our country,” (younger brother David) Goodman told me. “You can’t move past a wound while it’s open, even if you cover it up with a bandage.”

Jun 20, 2016

Monday Morning Media Memo Plus: "TRONC" employee video

This cliche laden employee video seeks to explain how The Chicago Tribune's new name...TRONC...is nothing less than The Future of Journalism. God. Help. Us. All.

MMMM 541 - Media Blamed for Orlando? And Trump Media Control.

      Is the media responsible for the Orlando gay bar massacre by reporting about the shooter?
     The L.A. Times says there's evidence to believe so, that by making public his posted video and words, we help create new killers. You may recall the law enforcement official in a previous mass-killing who refused to say the name of the killer. Does that help, or is it just more media bashing?
     Here is the L.A. Times story. 
     Plus there must be a million folks who claim the title "preacher" or something like it in the U.S. ONE of them screams that more gay people should have died in Orlando and he gets a bunch of attention from the media and the protestors?
     Sometimes I think people saying outrageous things should be...ignored?

     Donald Trump's campaign keeps adding to his list of media no longer allowed to cover his campaign. Would he do the same at White House briefings? 

     PLUS: congrats to all of the people who won Associated Press Awards on Saturday in Birmingham.

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