Sep 20, 2014

Saturday Status

How much credit card debt do you carry?
A national ranking places Alabama 10th in the country:

10. Alabama
Average balance per credit card: $1,656
Change from Q2 2013: -$15
Change from Q2 2012: -$27

As a USA Today article points out, having a credit card balance is not necessarily bad...if you pay it off every month. It's letting
interest mount up that can be dangerous. And credit card
debt is high enough... people who borrow from the payday
loan/title pawn places can face triple digit interest rates and
find it impossible to get out from under it.

Having debt problems? Contact your local Consumer Credit Counseling related this one in Montgomery. Many of their services are free. You'll find a way to search other states on that page too. There are many scams out there, advertising ways out of debt when they are just ways to put your limited funds in their pocket. The CCC is a non-profit agency.

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Sep 17, 2014


     Note that the snake has sensed my fear and is hand? my nose? Any part of me it can get to?
Rebecca Ann Bearden, ANC Conservation Specialist

  Watch Your Community This Week this Sunday morning on ABC Montgomery at 9:00 AM for the full story of the snake named Indy, and more!

More Prisoners = More Crime

     That was the finding of a PEW study. Consider the statistics from states that imprisoned an opposite number of people and the resulting crime rate change:

Locking 'em up and throwing away the key is and was a simplistic non-solution. There are many factors at work, and the PEW study examines the in detail.

NOTE: Alabama's imprisonment rate between 1994 and 2012 increased by 45% and crime was down 19%. How did your state do?

Sep 15, 2014

The Virus Arrives in Alabama

     The viral illness that hospitalized hundreds of children in Mid-Western states has arrived in Alabama, reports the Washington Post.

     Enterovirus 68 is a serious illness, and it appears to spread rapidly among populations of kids, in day-care and schools.

     Montgomery County teachers are having a development day off, so the kids are out too. That gave the system an opportunity to sanitize the classrooms, though since there has not been a single case diagnosed in Montgomery, I'm not sure what it accomplishes. 

     Tough time for you send your kid to school? What if he or she has the sniffles?

Rude Alabama Drivers

     An insurance website has polled people about which state has the rudest drivers, and Alabama Ranks 17th on the list.
     Geography plays a part, with Georgia residents ranking Alabama the worst more than other states.
     Here are the poll results.