Jun 29, 2015

MMMM #498 You Missed It! Impact Journalism Day! (Huh?)

made. me. dizzy
     Solution based journalism is a hot-button word in new media today, at least if you subscribe to the crusade of a French website manager who sponsors Impact Journalism Day
     It happened last Saturday, June 20th, but apparently didn't have enough impact---at least on me---since I knew nothing about it in advance.

USA Today reported on the trend last week in a contributed promotional piece (naturally) by the website owner (naturally) who assures us...

"Some journalists were initially concerned this content might be naïve or simplistic, but are now eager to participate and uphold this philosophy in their day-to-day activities. They are fueled by conviction and also by seeing firsthand that this type of reporting has a measurable impact on the ground."

    Color me....cynical. Just who are these converts he mentions? And notice the campaign is strictly newspapers, which are desperate to find something that will revive their industry. 
     Journalists have been reporting on solutions, proposed and actual, forever. What Mssr. Christian de Boisredon proposes, it seems, is to make the solution the focus of the story.

Instead of a headline reading "Lincoln Assassinated!" maybe "Presidential Protection Proposed"

Or, from WWII:  "U.S. Shipbuilders Build Better Vessels" after Dakar" instead of "Allies Lose Ships and Planes to Vichy French"*

I thought an old French story might appeal to the Mssr. Boisredon.

     Pushing newspapers as agents of change isn't likely to reverse the downward trend of newspapers and of newspaper readers.

Allied losses:
2 battleships damaged
2 cruisers damaged
1 armed trawler sunk
6 torpedo planes lost
1 destroyer grounded
2 submarines sunk
1 battleship damaged
Danish freighter MS Tacoma sunk[1][2]

    Recommended reading/listening: A story on this past week's On The Media on NPR about the potential for all of the knowledge we have accumulated in the world disappearing in an instant. 
     Now there's a solution based story some media haters can appreciate!

[UPDATE: Gannett restructures itself, leaving its print operations on their own, including The Montgomery Advertiser:
"...the McLean, Virginia-based company announced last August its plans to split its operations in an effort to shield its broadcasting and digital businesses from the print advertising decline.]

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Jun 27, 2015

Activists take down confederate flag in South Carolina

Reuters has the story:

Stonewall Jackson
Following the removal of the flag in Columbia, two people were arrested and charged with defacing a monument, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety said in a statement. The banner was replaced within an hour and no further damage was caused, it said. 

Andrew Jackson
     The first time I slept in The South was during basic training at Fort Jackson, just East of Columbia, which by the way is not named for Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, but for U.S. President Andrew Jackson.

Saturday Data: After the SCOTUS Marraige decision---How does your state rank?

     A Pro-LGBT website has ranked the states according to their policies and laws. Alabama ranks last. California first.

HERE is a link to the interactive map to see how your state ranks.

     Despite the SCOTUS decision, some probate judges in Alabama are taking their toys and going home, saying they will not issue ANY marriage licenses rather than follow the court's ruling. 

     That sounds a bit like the 1960's reaction to the integration of public swimming pools. 
     Birmingham and other cities simply closed the pools and filled them in. 
     I was told by a longtime Birmingham resident that one of those pools was on what is now called University Boulevard near St. Vincent's Hospital in the Lakeview part of the city...where a McDonalds now stands. Should there be an historic site sign there?
     I suppose it could have been worse. There's the infamous photo showing a motel manager in St. Augustine Florida emptying a bottle of an acid used to clean pools into the one at the motel because black residents were in it. 
   UPDATE: The Alabama GOP reaction to the marriage ruling makes it sound like Alabama would do the right thing...if only those pesky Supreme Court Justices would just leave us alone:

“Our boundaries have been breached once again by the overreaching hand of the federal judicial system. The majority of the people in Alabama lost their voice today. Alabamians are kind and loving people and our reputation for our hospitality and care for others is known across the land, however we also guard our rights to make our own decisions. Today Alabama’s vast majority on this topic was silenced."
                                                        Statement of Terry Lathan, Alabama GOP Chair

     The Guardian Newspaper has a rundown of reaction elsewhere in The South.

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Jun 25, 2015

Alabama GOP Responds to SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling

"The nightmare continues for America"

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan responding to today's 6-3 Supreme Court ruligng in favor of Obamacare*

"The nightmare continues for America with the United States Supreme Court upholding parts of the wildly unpopular Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

"This destructive legislation forced upon Americans pertaining to their health care and health insurance is an abomination and a plight on our nation. America is the most loving country in the world and our citizens should have access to superb health care, but this legislation is an albatross of government intervention and bureaucracy. It has little to do with care and mostly to do with more legislative strangleholds and controlling our daily lives.

"No American should be forced to sign up or buy health insurance that is not their choice. This alone is enough to remind us all how important the elections of 2016 will be to America. We must reverse this course, starting by removing Democrats from the White House all the way down to our county courthouses.

"Let us never forget the words of Barack Obama when he and the Democrats forced their will on all of America: 'If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.' America now knows this was a prescription for disaster and a blatant falsehood.

"The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor about care and today's ruling by the United States Supreme Court ensures that this bureaucratic overreach will continue to inflict harm to the free market and keep the federal government between you and your doctor.

"Obamacare can, and will, be removed from our health care system and a market-based solution to reform skyrocketing costs and focus on the individual can heal the broken system if we elect a Republican President in 2016. That is why, as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, I will continue to work tirelessly with all Republicans in Alabama and America towards that goal."
TL Blog note: *This stopped being a pejorative word long ago, when President Obama endorsed it, saying "I DO care!"

Jun 24, 2015

At Archives & History in Montgomery

Join us for a free reception and wedding fashion presentation tomorrow, June 25, at the  
Alabama Department of Archives and History 
from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Historic wedding fashion presentation by textile curator, 
Ryan Blocker, at 5:45 pm. 

Enjoy a fabulous, free reception provided by King's Table Catering

Ask Archives' expert staff your questions about how to preserve and care for wedding heirlooms. 

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"wedding gifts!"

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Questions? Call 334-353-3312 

624 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36130

     The flag below, and the three others that circled the Confederate War Memorial on the Alabama Capitol grounds have been taken down without any advance notice, and without any comment from the Governor who ordered it, and then spent much of the day in North Alabama, away from the Capitol Media.
     Watch Alabama News Network tonight---CBS 8 or ABC Montgomery--- for the full story.