Apr 14, 2014

Special Free Screening Wednesday Night

Read about the film here.

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Record freeze tomorrow night?

     The latest freeze in Montgomery, Alabama weather history was recorded on April 13, 1940.
      There is a chance that record will be broken tomorrow (Tuesday) night. 
     The low is only forecast to be 37...with frost...so it is unlikely that will happen, but possible.
     One way or the other, sweater weather is back, at least for one night, even though the winter that wouldn't quit ended several weeks ago.
Last Fall, with one of our Future Forecasters.
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MMMM #444 -- Conditional Interviews

     A survivor of The Boston Marathon Bombings is complaining that Meet The Press refused to promise the names of the bombers would not be used during a roundtable discussion, so she left the station in tears before the taping.

     Most of the time we never find out about conditions laid down by interviewees, because, frankly, the extent broadcasters will go to to "get" an exclusive is embarrassing.

     I think conditions should always be mentioned at the start of an interview. "Senator Smith insisted we not ask about his indictment as a condition of this interview", or "Representative Jones required us to provide red M&M's in the green room before he would agree to be our guest today."
     OK, I'm kidding about that last one, but when someone wants a topic to be off limits, they should be informed that fact will be announced at the start of the interview (if it's live) or in the report when it is produced.
      I once agreed not to ask a politician about his rumored divorce because I was sure callers would do it for me. They didn't, and I was left with egg on my face. Since I did NOT mention the condition, nobody except the politician realized it.

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Apr 13, 2014

Almost Forgotten WWII Protest

     As the trees flower this Spring, they serve as a reminder about a post Perl Harbor anti-Japanese protest in Washington.
     Smithsonian Magazine reports several of the Japanese Cherry Trees, which still attract lots of tourists to D.C. each year, were cut down by vandals on December 11, 1941. And they made their message clear.


     A movement started to cut down all of the trees, which had been donated by Japan as a gesture of friendship in 1910. 
     The Park Service changed the name to Oriental Cherry Trees and the proposed mass cutting proposal died off.

Isn't that OUR land?

     I've been trying to follow that land dispute between the black-helicopter feds and the under-assault ranchers in Nevada.

(The rancher) Bundy, 67, doesn’t recognize federal authority on land he insists belongs to Nevada. His Mormon family has operated a ranch since the 1870s near the small town of Bunkerville and the Utah and Arizona lines.

                                                                                              AP Report in the Boston Globe

    See, the rancher has not been paying grazing fees for about...oh, 20 years or so...even though he admits he does not own the land. Even if Nevada owns it, can't the state charge grazing fees?

   Anyway the feds got tired of not being paid, so they went in to take the cattle he's been feeding at OUR expense. I suppose he would want to go to any federal facility or attraction and get in free.

   So his friends and neighbors got together armed and threatened war.
     So anything owned by the federal taxpayers is free for anyone to use, is that it?

Apr 12, 2014

Debtor's Prison

      Alabama is the focus of a story today--Saturday--- on The PBS NewsHour (5:50pm on APT).      
     The show...

...travels to Childersburg, Mountain Brook, and Birmingham for a special report on what some are calling a return to "debtors prison." Are impoverished people being jailed just because they can't afford to pay fines? Interviewees include David Dinelli from the Southern Poverty Law Center, Steven Boone, Finance Director of Mountain Brook, and State Senator Cam Ward (R). (From the APT listing)

     After the half-hour Newshour (?) ends at 6:00, Montgomery viewers can catch the latest area news on Alabama News Network--CBS 8 and/or ABC Montgomery...though The Masters Tournament on CBS 8 may cause a delay.