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Dec 11, 2018

UA Professor on Sandy Hook


     A Connecticut newspaper has obtained a trove of writing by 20 year old Adam Lanza, who shot and killed himself after murdering 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary, including 20 kinder-gardeners in 2012.
     And a University of Alabama criminology professor says publishing the writings is a mistake.  

“Don’t turn these people into celebrities,” said Adam Lankford, a criminologist at the University of Alabama who studies mass shootings. Photos, videos and social media posts by a gunman, he said, “can inspire celebrity worship.”
“We’re not at a point where people are na├»ve to the risks anymore,” Professor Lankford said.
                                                                  Today's NY Times 

Dec 10, 2018

Alabama: Among The Most (or Least) Catholic Southern States?

"....the percentage of the adult population identifying as Catholic ranges from 44% in Rhode Island, the single most-Catholic state (by percentage), to 6% in Alabama. After Rhode Island, the most Catholic states are New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. Other than Alabama, four Southern states -- Tennessee, Mississippi, West Virginia and Arkansas -- and Mormon-dominated Utah have single-digit Catholic populations."
                                          Gallup Report

But that's misleading. Other reports indicate there are a half-dozen Southern States with double digit Catholic populations (though none above 10%.....) 

Safe to say Alabama and the other Southern States have fewer Catholics than many of the Northern States. One contributing factor might be the anti-Catholic actions of the KKK for decades.

Klan audiences in the 1920s were routinely treated to speeches by women who claimed to be former nuns: they would often display leather bags in which, it was alleged, the newborn children of illicit liaisons between nuns and priests were carried to church furnaces to be cremated. Did people not realise, a Klan member in Sacramento asked, that “nearly all the bawdy houses, bootleg joints and other dives are owned or controlled by Romanists”?
 "The Klan War on Catholics"


From The Atlantic:

It's Almost Impossible to Be a Mom in Television News

For female television reporters, the decision to have kids can be a career-ending one.

HERE's the story.

Julianna Goldman is a journalist based in Washington, D.C. who has worked in TV news and print for the last 15 years. 

Dec 8, 2018

Spy on your kids?

An interesting conversation with Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham on tomorrow morning's "Your Community This Week" on ABC 32 in Montgomery,

  • Should parents track their kids by cell phone?
  • Should they search the kids rooms?
Yes, says the Sheriff, you says he still searches his young adult daughter's room (in his home) and looks through her car too. Join us for an eye opening Q&A Sunday (12-9-18) at 9:00 AM on ABC 32.

Dec 7, 2018

Cheap Now,,, but Remember.....

Gas was down to $1.92 or so on Thursday in Montgomery, but just a reminder. This was 2011...