Sep 25, 2018

How much will that flight to a hospital cost?

     This helicopter ambulance company operates in a lot of places, including Elmore County, next to Montgomery, as well as Demopolis and Birmingham:

from NPR:

Taken For A Ride: M.D. Injured In ATV Crash Gets $56,603 Bill For Air Ambulance Trip

The full story is HERE

Alabama as presented in The NY Times

This is how millions of Americas are learning about Alabama. 

Elected officials in the state need to read this too:

A story in the (trumpoid "failing") N.Y. Times


For Roy Wood Jr., Alabama Is Painful History, New Hope and Home

"How do I know Alabama is ready for a new future? Because it seems to finally be making a few steps toward getting in the walls, and stopping a racial rekindle.
You can travel anywhere and get a sense for adventure, but very few places will leave you with a sense of optimism for what’s to come."
That's how his column ends. Read it all. HERE.





Sep 24, 2018

     I'll be exhibiting some of my photography at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts on October 18th-----outside in the brand new sculpture garden! (indoors in case of rain).
     It's my first participation in this event...please come by and say hi! And as you can tell by the poster below there's a lot more, music, food....and fun.
     Some of my work is, as usual, on display online HERE.

Mayors Two

     Tuscaloosa Mayor and Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Walt Maddox and Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange (who says he is not running for another term in the 2019 municipal elections) were in house this afternoon during a Face 2 Face interview that will air on Alabama News Network before the General Election. Watch for details.

Sep 22, 2018

The U.S. Navy's Motivational Quote by Man Who Went To War. Against The U.S. Navy

The Washington Examiner reports the story----

"The U.S. Navy Personnel Command issued an apology Monday evening after its Twitter account posted a motivational quote from Confederate Navy Capt. Raphael Semmes.
“It has been brought to our attention that today’s Motivation Monday post came across as insensitive. The series consists of leadership quotes throughout our Navy’s history,” the Navy Personnel Command tweeted Monday. “We used a poor example and we sincerely apologize if we’ve offended anyone.”
The quote in question read, “A military, or naval man, cannot go very far astray, who abides by the point of honor.”
The Navy Personnel Command had also shared a link with more information on Semmes, detailing in the first paragraph how Semmes was involved in the Confederate Navy.
Semmes, who also served in the Mexican-American War for the U.S. Navy, commanded the C.S.S. Alabama during the Civil War for the Confederate States Navy. The town of Semmes, Ala., is named after him, as is Semmes Avenue in Richmond."
A link to story is HERE

Want to learn more about Semmes?

HERE is a dormant, but we hope still interesting, blog created by myself and Bob Corley as part of an unsuccessful attempt at a documentary about Semmes life. 

Sep 18, 2018

Carolina's Flooding Silver Lining: Alabama Poultry

USA Today reports:

At least 1.7 million chickens have died in flooding from Hurricane Florence, according to a major poultry producer.
The chickens died at 60 farm buildings located at independent farms in North Carolina, Sanderson Farms announced Monday. The number of chickens killed by flooding might continue to rise, the company says.
Approximately six million more chickens were isolated by flood waters at 30 farms, the company said. If feed trucks remain unable to reach the affected farms, more chickens could die as a result of the flooding.

     Alabama is one of the top poultry producers in the country. The shortage caused by Florence in The Carolina's should increase the value of the broilers raised in Alabama.