Oct 22, 2014

In Alabama Too?

The NY Times reports athletes in North Carolina took "fake classes".

Could something like that happen in Alabama? Is it already?


The PEW folks have put together a short election quiz...I got more than half the eleven questions right, but not by much!

Can you do better?


Oct 21, 2014

Boo! Zoo!

Olivia Deas meets a scary guest.

     One of the creatures from Zoo Boo at the Montgomery Zoo came by  on a headhunting trip.
     I told him we were all quite happy with our positions but he insisted on sticking around to display his wares.

Join him and the others at the Zoo, with frights for the older kids and fun for the youngsters.

October 23-26 and 29-31, 2014  |  6pm - 9pm nightly
Montgomery Zoo, 2301 Coliseum Parkway, Montgomery, AL 36110
(334) 240-4900 or montgomeryzoo.com

Oct 20, 2014

Armistead on Hubbard Indictment

Press Release
October 20, 2014

ALGOP Chairman's Statement on Hubbard Indictment

Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard was indicted today following a prolonged investigation by a Grand Jury in Lee County. Speaker Hubbard was charged with 23 Class B felonies. Mike White, Hubbard's attorney, announced they will hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss the indictment.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead made the following statements after the announcement:

"America is the greatest country in the world, and one of the most sacred principles that we have in our criminal justice system is that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. The timing of this indictment, just two weeks before the election, causes one to wonder why now, unless it is for political purposes. But, we saw the same thing four years ago. Just weeks before the general election in 2010, 11 people were indicted in a federal corruption case involving gambling legislation.  Of those 11, none were found guilty other than the two who pled guilty.

"No one needs to rush to judgment. Right now, all we have is a list of charges. We don't have the Speaker's position on these matters and to speculate about them would be unfair to him and an exercise in futility, since we do not know whether any of these charges are true. Again, everybody in our system of justice who is accused of a crime is presumed innocent and must be proven guilty 'beyond a reasonable doubt' in order to be convicted.

"While it is sad that this has occurred, life goes on for the rest of us and we have an election coming up in two weeks. Our focus will be getting our candidates elected. I am proud that we have the strongest crop of candidates in the history of the Alabama Republican Party, from local county offices to U.S. Senator. We will not be distracted by our opponents who will want to use this situation to smear our candidates and our party. I must remind everyone that these charges and indictments are against one individual, not the party and not our candidates.

"It saddens me that this has happened. In addition to being Speaker of the Alabama House, Mike Hubbard is a human being and anytime something like this happens it is a human tragedy, regardless of the ultimate outcome. My family and I will be praying for Mike and his family. We hope for a swift and just outcome to these matters."      


The Monday Business Line: Is The Alabama GOP Anti-Business?


   The Tesla electric car company has been trying to make an end-run around car dealerships and sell their vehicles directly to you, the customer. 
     In Michigan, home to all of the major car companies (in bankrupt Detroit), both houses of the state legislature have approved bill requiring auto maker to sell through dealerships. The Governor has till Tuesday to sign or veto the legislation.
     On the face of it, it would seem that this is a clear cut issue for Republican Lawmakers.      They should be in favor of less regulation, especially laws that protect artificial business practices like the dealership arrangement.

     So it will be interesting to see what stance Alabama's Republican Super-majority Legislature
takes on the issue when it hits the state, as it surly will.
     Here's what the Tesla Vice President of Sales told the website GeekWire about state efforts to block the company:

“We believe firmly that being a good citizen is as important to us as sales and customers. So, what we do, we work with the state, we work with the county, we work with the city and we work with the DMV in every single state where we are open, and we do whatever they say we need to do. So, in Texas, we can’t sell cars. So, we opened up a gallery that looks just like Bellevue, and we fill it with employees, just like in Bellevue. And we have customers come in and ask us all of the same questions, and we answer all the questions for them. We just can’t talk to people about price, and we can’t sell them a car. So, they go to TeslaMotors.com and they buy a car out of California.
So, we believe in being good citizens. If we can’t sell cars in Texas, we will … sell them in California. But the good news, from our standpoint, is that most of the big states — California, New York, Washington, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois — we have licenses. So, it is not an issue. We don’t see it as an issue. Do we wish that it wasn’t happening? Sure. It would be better if it wasn’t happening…. It’s an inconvenience.”

     So, when the issue comes before the Alabama Legislature, with lawmakers side with eliminating roadblocks on Tesla and allowing them to sell their cars direct? Or will they protest the existing dealership structure?

{The Monday Business Line is an occasional feature of Tim Lennox.com. The MMMM will return next week.]

Oct 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Media Extra: New to ANN This Morning

     Let me introduce you to the newest member of our early morning crew on Alabama News Network (CBS 8 and ABC Montgomery) This Morning, Olivia Deas (pronounced Deez).

     Olivia is a North Georgia native, but comes to us by way of Colorado. Her education and experience is in broadcast journalism, and she'll be sharing the reporting, interviewing and anchoring duties starting Monday Mornings at 5:00 AM. She'll also anchor our Noon news on CBS.

     Olivia will talk more about her background Monday morning, so please join us!
     Welcome Olivia!