Jul 17, 2018


     The gun-maker opened a big plant in North Alabama, helped along by a hefty incentive from the state, with almost $70-Million, but the company is now in such financial difficulty it is seeking financing that would allow it to file for bankruptcy, reports Reuters:

"Remington, which is controlled by buyout firm Cerberus Capital Management LP, was abandoned by some of Cerberus’ private equity fund investors after one of its Bushmaster rifles was used in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Connecticut in 2012 that killed 20 children and six adults." 

     Obviously what is needed is a buyer.....and an unlikely suitor has appeared. The Navajo Indians. So reports today's N.Y. Times.

"The Navajo Nation — which controls a $3.3 billion investment trust — sent a letter to Remington in May offering to buy the company for $475 million to $525 million, according to a draft of the letter reviewed by The New York Times. The tribe planned to pay for the purchase in cash."

Jul 16, 2018

Trump & Putin

"This is an incredible, unprecedented moment. America is being betrayed by its own president. America is under attack and its president absolutely refuses to defend it."
                                                                    Charles Bow in a N.Y. Times column

Jul 10, 2018

Time Passing

Teenage sales clerk in the At Home store in Montgomery asking if I am a veteran (they offer a discount).

I told her yes, though it was long before she was born, "during Vietnam", I added helpfully....

Clerk: "Oh! My Grandfather served in Vietnam."

Me: ---sigh---

 1970, Quang Tri, Vietnam

One thing I learned from the boys-in-the-cave-story.....

The name of the King in Thailand

Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun

And you has better pronounce it properly...and not make jokes (did they run out of vowels?):

A Thai man has been jailed for 35 years for Facebook posts deemed insulting to the royal family, a watchdog said, in one of the harshest sentences handed down for a crime that insulates Thailand’s ultra-rich monarchy from criticism.
A Bangkok military court convicted him of 10 counts of lese-majesty for posting photos and videos of the royal family on a Facebook account that purported to belong to a different user.
Wichai, 34, whose last name was withheld to protect his relatives from ostracism, was accused of using the account to slander a former friend, said iLaw, a group that tracks royal defamation cases.
“The court punished him with seven years per count. Altogether he was given 70 years, but it was reduced in half because he confessed,” said Yingcheep Atchanont from iLaw.

Jul 8, 2018

Lowndes County = Poverty

Poverty IS Lowndes County Alabama.

A PBS Newshour  report pretty much say so.....you can watch it HERE.

Ask your local Legislators and others what they have done to alleviate the poverty HERE in Alabama? And remember Lowndes adjoins Montgomery County. Why is there such a difference in counties inches apart?

Jul 7, 2018

Pilots & Popcorn

NPR Saturday Morning Edition included a story today about the shortage of U.S. Air Force Pilots, which we've reported about at Alabama News Network, and which I believe I posted about here.
But the report also mentioned a peculiarity about Air Force pilot lounges. 
They always have popcorn, and there is a ritual about who makes it and when. Fascinating. Kind of a snack food rabbit's foot.
You can listen to the report later today HERE