Oct 19, 2018

In the garden last night....


     Some sights from last night's Artists on tap event at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. The weather was perfect and the people a joy.
     If you have not been to the sculpture garden yet, plan a visit!

     Up next, in November, an exhibit by Nine Montgomery photographers, including myself, at Stonehenge Gallery.

Oct 18, 2018

Recommended Reading

     The N.Y. Times includes an article about the potential for a mid-term election "blue wave" in (deep red) Alabama.
     The article focuses on Democratic Congressional candidate Tabitha Isner and others.

Oct 16, 2018


Another part of what was once a neighborhood off Ann Street fell to heavy demolition equipment this week.

 This is what's left of  home at the corner of Ann and Plum Streets.

But another thing that was torn down was a gigantic tree that had to be a century or more old.

      You can see the tree and the house it shaded HERE on Google Earth.
     Not sure what's going to be built on the land. perhaps another fast-food place.

Oct 15, 2018


(There is)..."an anecdote about the legendary library of Italian writer Umberto Eco, which contained a jaw-dropping 30,000 volumes.Did Eco actually read all those books? Of course not, but that wasn't the point of surrounding himself with so much potential but as-yet-unrealized knowledge. By providing a constant reminder of all the things he didn't know, Eco's library kept him intellectually hungry and perpetually curious. An ever-growing collection of books you haven't yet read can do the same for you..."

From an article in Inc.com

     We have a library at the house, with hundreds of books. Many of them I have read from cover to cover. Many others I have read....partly.

Part of he home library.
    Some of my reading is professional reading...interviewing authors is part of my job. 
     I abhor seeing someone on TV interview an author, an interviewer who has so obviously not read the book...

       "So tell me why you wrote this book?"
And yet, I do understand.

Some of the volumes in our home library.

No matter how much I am interested in the topic or theme of the book, there is only so much time in any given day. 

I DO read at my desk, but less and less is newspaper reading.
     Could I legitimately sit at my desk and read a book all day, the author of which I am going to interview? Of course. 
    But the reality is there will be other assignments...and it would just feel wrong.
     I am interviewing an Alabama author soon and the book is a gem. But it is also more than 600 pages long, and the best I can do is pick and choose, sample the wonderful writing and hope I will get a feel for the story the author is telling, to ask questions that will motivate the author. We'll see. 

Reading. And NOT Reading.