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Dec 8, 2018

Spy on your kids?

An interesting conversation with Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham on tomorrow morning's "Your Community This Week" on ABC 32 in Montgomery,

  • Should parents track their kids by cell phone?
  • Should they search the kids rooms?
Yes, says the Sheriff, you says he still searches his young adult daughter's room (in his home) and looks through her car too. Join us for an eye opening Q&A Sunday (12-9-18) at 9:00 AM on ABC 32.

Dec 7, 2018

Cheap Now,,, but Remember.....

Gas was down to $1.92 or so on Thursday in Montgomery, but just a reminder. This was 2011...


Dec 6, 2018

Alabama is ranked what?????

South Carolina is the top destination when adjusted for population size.

LendingTree created a Moving Popularity Score Index* to analyze destination states adjusted by population. South Carolina scored highest, as mortgage loan requests were 52% greater than suggested by its share of the national population. Other popular states by this metric are Florida, Delaware, Georgia and North Carolina, revealing a Southern tilt in the preferences of out-of-state homebuyers. At the other end of the spectrum, homebuyers are least attracted to South Dakota, which received just 64% of the loan requests its population would suggest. Hawaii, Minnesota, California and New York complete the bottom five.

e Moving popularity score
SC 152
FL 144
DE 138
GA 138
NC 137
TN 126
NH 125
NV 121
WV 121
AL 114
KY 111
OH 110
TX 110
AZ 109
AR 109
MS 108
IN 108
ME 104
VA 104
MT 104
OR 103
ID 103
CO 103
VT 100
WY 100
LA 99
PA 99
MO 98
OK 97
NJ 93
NM 93
MD 93
CT 89
KS 89
MI 88
UT 87
NE 86
WA 86
RI 82
IA 81
IL 79
MA 78
WI 78
AK 76
ND 75
NY 74
CA 72
MN 71
HI 67
SD 64          From Tim: Facts to consider? Lending Tree based this ranking only on people who inquired about a home loan from them, which may tilt the data a bit. Are there really many more people who want to move to Alabama than Hawaii,  New York or California? And what does "adjusted for population" mean, anyway?????????

Dec 5, 2018

Hale County on The National Stage (Again).

UPDATE: This documentary is scheduled for a showing at The Capri Theater in Montgomery on February 2nd, at least according to the producers. It does not show up on the theater's online schedule.

A documentary about Hale County Alabama has earned a wonderful review in none less than The New York Times.

Review: A Multiplicity of Moments in Under 80 Minutes in ‘Hale County’

 Hale County, Ala., is where Walker Evans documented in photographs the lives of white sharecroppers in the Depression era; Evans, with the writer James Agee, created the still-moving book “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.” Mr. (RaMell) Ross shows a different disenfranchised community, homing in on three individuals: Daniel and Quincy, high school ballplayers, one of whom makes his way to college, and Boosie, the mother of Quincy’s children. Mr. Ross, who’s also a photographer, met his subjects while working as a teacher and basketball coach in the county of the movie’s title.

Watch the preview HERE!



Sessions NOT a candiate for U.S. Senate Seat?

You can hear the cheers from Rep. Bradley Byrne*

(He's talked about running for U.S. Senator Doug Jones seat.)

"He (sessions) also made clear he’s not itching to get his old Senate office back.
“No. I mean, no,” the 71-year-old former senator said when asked whether he misses the chamber in which he served for two decades. “I could go back and spend time in the woods. I’ve got 10 grandchildren, oldest is 11.”

*Some one please tell Rep. Byrne there is no such thing as a "friendly wager". Gambling is against the law in his state. Period. People get arrested for it. If he wants to support legal gambling for Alabama, go for it and be public about it. Otherwise forget supposed exceptions to the law like the one where you placed a bet with a Georgia Congressman:

Congressmen Bradley Byrne (R-AL) and Drew Ferguson (R-GA) today announced a friendly wager on the SEC Championship Game between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia. Ferguson is staking Chick-fil-a on a Bulldog victory, and Byrne is risking Alabama seafood for a Crimson Tide win. (From gambler Bryne's website).