Feb 24, 2017

Spring Now?

     Hard to know what to do in the garden with Spring apparently having sprung weeks early. But if you're thinking trees, you can get free seedlings tomorrow---Saturday 2-15-17---in Montgomery!

     This is normally the time to apply "week and feed", but this season? And its tempting to return the plants to the deck after their couple of months indoors, but is it risky? 
     Alabama News Network This Morning's weather guy Ryan Stinnett says that's about it for Winter...but Ryan also can't rule out a short dip back below freezing!
      As I write this it is 81 degrees on the desk and I brushed away a wasp a few minutes ago. Big ant mounds are appearing too.

And remember we in Alabama are entering out primary severe weather season. You can watch the "Safe From The Storm" weather special on Alabama News Network tomorrow at 6:00 PM on CBS 8 or ABC Montgomery.


Feb 22, 2017

Apollo Capsule Skips Huntsville.

     You'll have to travel to see the Apollo 11 space capsule that carried astronauts to the first moon landing. 
     Yes, it is going on tour for the first time in 40 years, but it's limited to four cities--Houston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Seattle.
     That's a Nyet! to Huntsville, which played about as important a role in the mission as anywhere.

The NPR story lists the tour stops as this:

  • Space Center Houston — Oct. 14, 2017–March 18, 2018
  • St. Louis Science Center — April 14–Sept. 3, 2018
  • Senator John Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh — Sept. 29, 2018–Feb. 18, 2019
  • The Museum of Flight, Seattle — March 16–Sept. 2, 2019
NPR reports there were strict physical requirements for the locations selected because of the weight of the command module etc.


Feb 21, 2017

A Church Apologizes

     An Episcopal Church in Virginia has installed a stone marker in the walkway leading to its front door with this inscription:

“With gratitude and repentance, we honor the enslaved people whose skills and labor helped to build the Falls Church."

     The church membership can not prove slave labor was used to build it, but they reached the conclusion based on available evidence.

     Who built your church, or your original church?

Feb 20, 2017

The Nation of California?

Here we go again!

“People are asking about the new nation’s vaccine policy, and I’m asking, ‘Are you high?’  ” said Karen Sherman, who holds group meetings at the gay dive bar she owns in San Diego. “We want to explore independence, not create a new country around vaccines.”

Yes, now it is the left's turn to discuss secession. Specifically the left as in California. During the Obama years it was Texas that threatened to leave. Now the Trump tables are turned.

Perhaps some lifelong Alabamians can earn consulting fees out West, teaching the left about the last time that was tried.

The Washington Post reports the story.

MMMM #565 Photography, and Fake Sweden News

     The Weather forecast for yesterday morning included fog...usually my cue to go out on a photo hunting safari. But when I woke up about 5:15 the only thing on my mind was a cup of coffee.
     I looked out at the fog as I sipped it, but it wasn't till an hour later that I grabbed the camera and headed down toward the Capitol Complex. I had no trouble parking.
     My photography skill is pretty much  limited to spotting a good shot and letting the computer determine the rest.
     Here are some of the shots I captured:

 It was actually fortunate I waited till later in the morning, The sun rise worked to my advantage


Fake News?
President Trump all but made up some news about Sweden over the weekend. Claiming some big news out of that country involving terrorism and immigrants and...something. CBS News had the full story.

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Feb 19, 2017

1st Ever View of Jupiter's South Pole

Interestingly, it was a "citizen scientist" who deciphered the data streaming back from the NASA Juno spacecraft. Those round features are apparently storms on the planet's surface.

Read the story in The Telegraph HERE.