Dec 16, 2017

Trump Farm


"......power is abused through language in Animal Farm.
As the book progresses, argument becomes less of a liberty and more of a crime. Four young pigs are ripped to shreds for arguing against Napoleon, and Snowball is exiled for little other crime than being a persuasive leader. This is justified through Squealer, Napoleon’s right-hand man and an extremely convincing speaker, as shown in this quote. “Afterwards, Squealer was sent around the farm to explain the new arrangement to the others.”


Today's news...from The Washington Post
Is it the new political correctness?

CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity

Dec 15, 2017

One More U.S. Senate Election Column/Interview?



Report from Alabama: ‘Doug Jones Is the Man We’ve Been Waiting For’

Howell Raines on “driving the silver spike into Dracula’s heart.”



Dec 14, 2017

Celebrating Christmas

"...some of the ways Americans think about and commemorate Christmas appear to be moving in a more secular direction. For instance, while two-thirds of Americans continue to say that Christian displays like nativity scenes should be permitted on government property during the holidays, the share who say these displays should be allowed on their own (unaccompanied by symbols of other faiths) has declined by 7 percentage points since 2014. Meanwhile, the share of Americans who believe no religious displays should be permitted on government property has grown from 20% to 26% over the past three years."

                                                                                              From a new PEW report

Dec 13, 2017

Some Election Day/NightS Scenes

Somebody paid for a simple message in select locations.

The press gaggle. More space next time?

A producer naps.
Looking from outside in. The Media Gaggle.

Dec 11, 2017

Death of a teller of stories of The Civil Rights Movement

Roy Reed has died.
From the NY Times "obit"

"He was at the Pettus Bridge in Selma on Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965, when troopers, as he wrote, “tore through a column of Negro demonstrators with tear gas, nightsticks and whips.......

Remembering the scene years later, he wrote, “I hope never again to see such hatred in the eyes of men, women and, yes, children.”
Reed was 87

Dec 9, 2017

Snow at The Capitol Building

Unusual sight---snow on the lawn.

Perfect for the State Christmas Tree

Real snow on the tree!

Jefferson Davis Statue on the Capitol Grounds gets a cold shoulder, or two, and head to boot.