Nov 18, 2018

All together now, one last time.________was the CENTRAL CAUSE OF THE CIVIL WAR.

    It won't happen immediately, but students in Texas will soon be taught that SLAVERY was the "central cause" of the Civil War, an idea that some Alabamians have fought against forever.

NPR has the story of the change approved by the State Board of Education, which includes eliminating "sectionalism and states' rights" from the list of causes:

"In September, the board's Democrats proposed listing slavery as the only cause.
"What the use of 'states' rights' is doing is essentially blanketing, or skirting, the real foundational issue, which is slavery," Democratic board member Marisa Perez-Diaz, from San Antonio, said at a Tuesday board meeting.

Republican board member David Bradley, from Beaumont, argued for keeping the other causes in the curriculum. He said, "Each state had differences and made individual decisions as to whether or not to join into the conflict, correct? I mean, that's the definition of states' rights."

Should Alabama follow suite?

Nov 15, 2018


     There were flakes on the 2nd story deck this morning when I left for work. 

     TINY flakes that melted as soon as they landed, but flakes none the less.

     The earliest measurable snow on record in Montgomery was on 12/05/1886. The latest was 4/3/1987.

     Which reminded me of some more substantial snows in Montgomery.

The 4th deepest snow in Montgomery recorded weather history, 3.5 inches in 2010

     Wanna see the list of the days when it snowed even more in Montgomery and other cities in Alabama?? Go here.

Reading Recommendation.


The American civil war didn't end. And Trump is a Confederate president.


From an article in The Guardian.


Being twinged, even after SO many years of not smoking....

Oh yes, i was a smoker.
I started in the Army, and continued for a lot of years.
But I quit about 15 years ago.

Yet when I read a story in The New York Times that a ban on menthol was coming, I had a little twinge of regret....missing something I haven't experienced in a very long time...something that won't truly be banned for two years or more...hows that for a long-lived addiction?

If someone gave me a cigarette of the same menthol brand I used to smoke right now....before bedtime I would be out buying two packs.

If you don't smoke, don't start.
If you, try to quit.
Added incentive: a carton cost over $100 in many big cities now.

Nov 13, 2018

The Quilters in The NY Times

Watch a 14 minute video about Gees Bend quilters in Alabama's Black Belt from The New York Times (pay wall):

Can Stressed Fathers Pass Along the Results to Kids? Perhaps....

Scientific American has the story:

"Striking evidence that harsh conditions affect a man’s children came from crop failures and war ravaging Europe more than a century ago. In those unplanned human experiments, prolonged famine appeared to set off a host of health changes in future generations, including higher cholesterol levels and increased rates of obesity and diabetes. To probe the inheritance of such changes at the cellular level, Bale and co-workers performed a series of mouse experiments."