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Mar 26, 2019

Media: Broken News.

Are you even a little tired of the incessant incorrect use of the phrase

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 4:00 PM Central time today on CNN, that's how Wolf Blitzer started his hour....the headline? The breaking news?  That the charges against Jussie Smolette had been dropped....a fact that CNN and everyone else reported five hours earlier.

ABC TV is another of the networks that seems to start every story that way.

Can't we agree that phrase has some kind of a shelf life, and five hours is within that period?

Charging for My Data

     A bank I do business with had gotten into the habit of sending me a questionnaire about my recent visit to such and such a branch. I finally got tired of it and used the "comment" space to tell them so. 
     I suggested they offer me $5 per---cheap by any measure of my hourly rate.

     I did not hear back, but I presume they've taken me off the list.

     Amazon, and many, many other online companies, do the same thing, trying to convince me to rate the products I buy.

     From now on they're going to get the same treatment. Pay me, and I'll sell you the time it will take for me to help you sell more products. Otherwise, please leave me alone.

Mar 25, 2019

The Other Story of The World's Fair in 1964

     This post speaks to how naive I was as a pre-teen as much as anything else.
     I went to the 1964 New York Worlds Fair, but was totally unaware at the time of the protests connected to it.

 (Note Alabama is not even listed in this flyer. Not sure what that means...1964 featured Freedom Summer...and Alabama was certainly in the middle of that.)

Read the protest story in The Guardian HERE

This April 22nd marks the 55th Anniversary of the protest.

On Alabama News Network This Afternon

Watch a Face2Face interview with the only female member of the Montgomery City Council, Audrey Graham (District 4). She won a special election (and runoff) to fill a vacancy last October.
Watch this Montgomery...

in the 5:00 PM News on CBS 8
in the 5:30 PM news on ABC 32

And an extended version online later, at


Mar 24, 2019


     Visit my photo pages HERE
for some photos and thoughts about the Montgomery-based SPLC, and the troubles it faces. 

Mar 22, 2019

Barbara on "Leaving Neverland". Really.

“His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has," Streisand told The Times. “You can say ‘molested,' but those children, as you heard say [grown-up Robson and Safechuck], they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.”

...And then Diana Ross joined in, also defending Jackson:

"This is what’s on my heart this morning. I believe and trust that Michael Jackson was and is A magnificent incredible force to me and to many others.