Mar 20, 2018

What is it?

     The storage yard for completed cars from the Hyundai America plant in Montgomery, Alabama, via GoogleEarth.

Climate Change, South and North

     Two stories in different publications point to the potential impact of climate change here in the South and up North in Canada. The change in coastal Alabama is more critical.

     The Rolling Stone article includes this map of the economic impact. Our attention is quickly drawn to the American South. It shows a drop of 10% to 20% in the Alabama GNP because of rising water levels on the Alabama coast. (Yes, we have one.)

     Much less drastic, at least from our vantage point here in the American Deep South, is a story in this morning's N.Y. Times about a potential end to an institution in Canada: Winters are getting too warm to sustain backyard skating rinks.

"Climate change does not mean the immediate end of cold weather, as recent nor’easters have shown, but it is putting a squeeze on outdoor skating, a deep part of this country’s cultural identity. Irregular freezing weather is not enough for a good outdoor rink; consistency is key."

Not A Dime's Worth of Difference?

George Wallace said it...

  In 1968 he launched The American Independent Party because "there's not a dime's difference between the two major parties". 

But some new data from PEW published by The Washington Post today shows the parties are now further apart than ever---

According to a January 2017 survey, the five leading policy priorities for Republicans are:

  • Terrorism
  • The economy
  • Jobs
  • Health costs
  • The military

But the same survey shows the top five policy priorities for Democrats are:

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Terrorism
  • Poor people
  • Race relations
Just one shared issue---terrorism.

Mar 19, 2018

Historic day in car accidents.


Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian

But the very first people killed by an automobile were much much earlier---

The first person killed by an automobile was Bridget Driscoll (UK), who received fatal injuries when she walked into the path of a car moving at 4 mph (6.4 km/h), as it was giving demonstration rides in the grounds of Crystal Palace, London, UK on 17 August 1896.
Bridget Driscoll was about 44 years old, and the car belonged to the Anglo-French Motor Car Company.
Pre-dating the death of Ms Driscoll is the death of Mary Ward of Belfast, who died on 31 August 1869 after falling out of a steam-powered carriage; Driscoll is therefore the first pedestrian killed by a car, while Ward is the first to die as a result of riding in a car.

Note that all three were women. But long term pedestrian deaths show a different picture, using 2013 as an example:

In 2013:
More than two-thirds (3,247 of 4,735 or 69%) of the pedestrians
killed in traffic crashes were males.
The total male pedestrian fatality rate per 100,000 population was
2.09, which is more than double the rate for females (0.92 per
100,000 population).
The total male pedestrian injury rate per 100,000 population was
24, compared with 18 for females.
Starting at 40 and older, the total fatality rates were higher than
they were in the younger age groups.
The total fatality rate for pedestrians 65 and older was 2.00 per
100,000 population. In 2013, people 65 and older made up
14 percent of the country’s population.
The highest four total pedestrian injury rates by age group were
20-24, 25-29, 10-14, and 15-19 (40, 30, 29, and 27 per 100,000
population, respectively).
The female injury rates by age group for 25-29, 45-49, 35-39, and
55-59 (33, 26, 23, and 17 per 100,000 population, respectively)
were higher than the male injury rates (28, 16, 19, and 12 per
100,000 population, respectively)

9 Year Old Shoot/kills 13 Year Old Sister

Read the Mississippi shooting story in the Washington Post HERE.

"Analyzing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, The Post’s editorial board found that “on average, 23 children were shot each day in the United States in 2015. Of the approximately 8,400 shootings, 1,458 were fatal, a death toll that exceeds the entire number of U.S. military fatalities in Afghanistan this decade.”

Councilman Conspiracy in D.C.

“I work hard everyday to combat racism and prejudices of all kinds. I want to apologize to the Jewish Community and anyone I have offended,”

The key to a fake (and late!) apology!

He suggested that Jews were plotting to change the climate, and that's why there were snowflakes in D.C. Read the full story HERE!

These people are crazy! How do they get elected?