Jan 17, 2017

On AJR: An Open Letter to The President.

"You’ve banned news organizations from covering you. You’ve taken to Twitter to taunt and threaten individual reporters and encouraged your supporters to do the same. You’ve advocated for looser libel laws and threatened numerous lawsuits of your own, none of which has materialized. You’ve avoided the press when you could and flouted the norms of pool reporting and regular press conferences. You’ve ridiculed a reporter who wrote something you didn’t like because he has a disability."

But the letter is not simply a list of missteps by The President-Elect. It is at least part mea-culpa. And a pledge.

Read the entire letter HERE

Academic Irony.

     A Montgomery Public School ends up at the top of the state ranking, days after the state threatens to take over the city/county system.

     According to Nich. com, The Loveless Magnet School in Montgomery is the best in the state....even better than the much bragged about Mountain Brook High School, near Birmingham.

     The worst grade Loveless got was a B+, and that was clubs and activities.

Another Montgomery Magnet school also made the list. Booker T. Washington Magnet was ranked 20th.

You can see the entire list HERE.

Jan 16, 2017

MMMM #563 ---The DIRT on The Donald

     None other than The Columbia Journalism defended Buzzfeed's decision to publish the ethical and sexual unverified allegations against the President-elect:

By publishing the documents when it did, accompanied by strong caveats about their reliability, BuzzFeed put itself at the heart of the story and made some of its most prominent journalists go-to people for any tips the dossier might generate.


That happened while the other, more conventional media---including FOX---. protested BuzzFeed's decision.

     Also, the President-Elect's decision to refuse to accept a question from CNN, charging it is "fake news", gave all of the other reporters in the room a chance to join together and refuse to go along with Trump's decision to ignore THE mainstream media.  
     I hope they feel as comfortable when their question is refused.


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Jan 14, 2017

Trump says: Alabama native John Lewis is "all talk. no action"

The Washington Post and most media report the story of Trump tweeting about Lewis, a civil rights icon who was beaten in Selma and Birmingham, on the eve of MLK Day:

 “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results,” Trump wrote in two tweets. “All talk, talk, talk — no action or results. Sad!”

1965: Lewis attacked in Selma.


     Supporters of former Governor Don Siegelman are all but begging Barack Obama to take some action for him during this last week of his presidency.
     There is an outside chance that Siegelman will be freed for good-time in a matter of weeks anyway, but Obama could make it a sure thing through a commutation or pardon.
     Almost all of the cases Obama has acted on the his final weeks in office have been people convicted of drug crimes, not people like the former governor, who his supports say was the victim of selective prosecution and a GOP campaign to keep him out of office. They'll be releasing a documentary about his case soon.

One Last Plea to the President

Strike one final blow against injustice!

To our most honorable President,
You have one week left in the White House. It is a time of memories and farewells, but it could also be a time to strike one more blow against injustice. The wrongfully prosecuted and convicted former Governor, Don Siegelman, was the victim of a selective prosecution for political gain. It is a case many observers and experts alike deem the most egregious example of prosecutorial misconduct in recent American jurisprudence.
As a Harvard educated lawyer, as a compassionate human being, as a man who knows something of selective prosecution, we appeal to your mind and your heart to return this innocent man fully to a productive and meaningful life.
Please watch the video here of former Alabama judge, C.W. Clemon! He states that the Siegelman Case "cries out for the correction of an injustice!" He goes on to claim that the president "can't make it right, but at least he can set an innocent man free!"

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Jan 12, 2017

Birmingham and Anniston Locations are Now National Park Sites.

     ABC reports President Obama took action in the last days of his administration to name the Anniston Alabama Bus Station and a large area of Downtown Birmingham Alabama as National Civil Rights Monuments.

The Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument will include the now-abandoned A.G. Gaston Motel, where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. planned weeks of demonstrations against segregation in the spring of 1963; the park where black protesters were met by police dogs and fire hoses; the 16th Street Baptist Church, where four black girls died in a Ku Klux Klan bombing that year; and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.
It also includes a business district that was a hub of black commerce for generations.

Obama also designated two other new national monuments linked to equal rights.
The new Freedom Riders National Monument in the east Alabama city of Anniston will include the Greyhound bus station where a racially integrated bus of activists was attacked in 1961.