Sep 22, 2017

The Past is Prologue.

Montgomery City Court, NOT Dothan where the story take place.

Mr. Davis, 33, is black, but the jury was all white Jury selection took place on Monday and Tuesday, and Mr. Davis’s lawyers complained to the judge about the racial makeup of the jury, unsuccessfully arguing that a new pool be assembled.

No, that is not a clipping from a 1964 story.
It is from the NY Times today, in 2017. 
Here's the full story from Dothan. 

Saturday Focus: Food & Wine Moves to Alabama, and guess what?

...they discover great fast food restaurant hamburgers, though there is so much more to our unique food offerings.
  The magazine joined many other Southern Living Magazine publications in a move South this Summer:

Food & Wine will take up residence in the multimillion-dollar complex — housing 28 test kitchens and 13 photography bays and video studios — that Time opened in 2015. The center produces food-related content for a wide variety of Time publications, not just its food titles.

                                                                 From a NY Times article

Now Mayor Todd Strange just has to rent a luxury bus, OK a jet, and invite the staff to take a 15 minute flight to Montgomery to sample our foods! 
     Oh, speaking of food, watch Alabama News Network Sunday night for our story of a Montgomery man who has grown an 8lb sweet potato!

Hospital Emergency

Alabama News Network reported recently about an effort to save a hospital in the Wilcox County, Alabama, town of Camden, and that is just one of a larger trend being reported across the country in rural communities. Huffington Post is out with that story, focusing on Georgia. Thanks to Medical Editor Jay for pointing to it!


Sep 21, 2017

Best Museums

A New York Art Museum is best in the says the Trip Advisor website "Based on an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for museums worldwide gathered over a 12-month period, the top museums in the world include"... 
Top 5 Museums in the U.S:
  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art — New York City, New York
  2. The National WWII Museum — New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Art Institute of Chicago — Chicago, Illinois
  4. The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum — New York City, New York
  5. USS Midway Museum — San Diego, California
Top 5 Museums in the World:
  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art — New York City, New York
  2. The National WWII Museum — New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Musée d'Orsay — Paris, France
  4. Art Institute of Chicago — Chicago, Illinois
  5. State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace — St. Petersburg, Russia
 What is the best museum in Alabama?

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts would certainly be in the top two or three. And it isn't just the larger Alabama cities that have museums. Auburn has a great art museum. And let's not forget other museums, like "The Museum of Alabama" inside the Archives building in Montgomery, or the Reed Books in Birmingham---much more a museum than a book store.

Construction of a MMFA Sculpture garden continues.


Sep 19, 2017

Robert E. Lee Church (NOT)

The Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper reports a church named for Robert E. Lee is being renamed, even though he once led it:

"Grace Episcopal was struggling after the (civil)war. Lee joined and was elected senior warden, serving in the position for five years until his death in 1870. He is remembered for restoring stability at a difficult time for the congregation. The vestry voted to change the church’s name to R.E. Lee Memorial in 1903." 

The newspaper report the decision has been divisive, and some members have left the Virginia church because of it.

[Thanks to D.C. Area correspondent Jay Croft for raising the flag, so to speak, about this story!]

Sep 18, 2017

A New U.S. Civil War Monument. In Canada

"When the war broke out in 1861, Canada was still a subject of Great Britain and had maintained an uneasy peace with its American neighbours since the War of 1812, when Canadian and British troops marched on Washington DC and burned down the White House."
                                                A story from The BBC 
A monument had been dedicated honoring the Canadian men who fought and died on both sides of The U.S. Civil War.