Aug 15, 2018

Value of The Free press...

...Or is the media the "enemy of the people"?

From the Boston Globe, a call to newspapers across the land to join the battle.

"A central pillar of President Trump’s politics is a sustained assault on the free press. Journalists are not classified as fellow Americans, but rather “The enemy of the people.” This relentless assault on the free press has dangerous consequences. We asked editorial boards from around the country – liberal and conservative, large and small – to join us today to address this fundamental threat in their own words."

As of right now---Wednesday night at 10:00PM. the NY Times compilation of editorials, broken down by state, shows only ONE item in all of Alabama.

A note from the professional journalists society: SDX.

I promise to check in the morning, and pray that I will find more.

UPDATE: not a single addition.

Aug 10, 2018

Out of Touche'

     For a guy my age, I like to think I keep at least a surface awareness of what is going on with people from generations before and after me.
     Then again, every now and then I come across a TV show or an article that makes me wonder if I should be inserting it into a translating program of some kind. That was the case with a NY Times story I read, or tried to read, today. The headline:

Can Society Scale?

The growth, challenges and splintering of a Facebook group about urbanism and public transportation is the story of us all.

HERE'S the full story which I read, or looked at a couple of times before deciding it was not in Tim's language.

Aug 7, 2018

MLK in Tuscaloosa

A rare photo of Dr. King in Tuscaloosa has surfaced...

[Tuscaloosa, Ala.] A rare photograph showing the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Tuscaloosa's First African Baptist Church and a brief video of the events during Bloody Tuesday at the church have been uncovered by the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights History Task Force.
The photo of Dr. King shows him giving a sermon at the pulpit of First African Baptist Church during the Installation Service of the Rev. T.Y. Rogers Jr. Taken on March 9, 1964, by photographer Edward Jenkins--one of the few African American photographers who covered the movement.
Read more about the photo and some equally rare video on the Task Force web site HERE. (click on "press release")

Atlanta Journal Story

"7 pivotal historic sites along Alabama's Civil Rights Trail."

 Their story is HERE.


(But someone needs to let the Journal know one is closed for repairs, so let's call it a half dozen.

(OK I did. I sent them an email.)If you missed the Alabama News Network story about the temporary closing in July, watch it HERE.



From the Daily Beast:

"New Poll: 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media

The “enemy of the people” talk is working. A plurality of self-identified Republicans say they want Trump to have the power to take “bad” media outlets out."