Jul 24, 2009

Wine Whine

Give me a break. The wine that bears this label...a copy of an 1895 advertising poster, has been banned by the ABC Board because it violates an ABC regulation against displaying a person posing in an immodest or sensuous manner.
Do we have a division of state government that goes out of its way to make Alabama look foolish to the rest of civilization?
The company that produces the wine had the story on their front page less than an HOUR after it appeared. By Midday it will be worldwide, and our wonderful state will again be a laughingstock.
Is there NOBODY handling PR at the ABC Board who could have headed this off? Will they next go on a mission to prevent any sensuous or immodest art in our museums? I'm blushing, not because of the wine, but because of how it will make us all look like rubes.


Jay Croft said...


The Capri theatre now has a beer/wine license. Will they have to stop showing any film that includes nudity?

Anonymous said...

Most important thing: does the wine taste any good? If not, who cares?

Loretta Nall said...

Makes me want to go out and buy every bottle I can find. I love Alabama but I grow weary of the willful stupidity of our government.

Anonymous said...

I was a nightclub owner in Alabama in the late 70's & early 80's. We were not allowed to accept or display any items within our establishment that had a liquor or beer company's name &/or logo. These items included items such as ashtrays, lighters, matches, door mats, lights, lamps, trays, & clocks & were offered to us as 'Thanks' for our patronage. Alabama said no to that. Steak & Ale & Casa Gallardo Restaurant & Cantina (among others) had to change their names as 'ale' & 'cantina' were not permitted to be used on signage. Alabama was also the last of two states to use the miniature (1.6 ounces) system of serving liquor so the ABC could keep a tight count on tax revenues. Never mind that each bottle was 1/10 pint of alcohol. And Ms. Nall, be careful in using 'stupidity' this week, te he.
Gary James Bridge
West Virginia

Knight said...

This is Alabama for ya, they worry about things none of us care about and to hell with what is acutally important.

Southern Partisan said...

We need the State to get out of the alcohol bidness.