Apr 13, 2010

Go ABC Board!

     Alabama's Alchholic Beverage Control Board has been awared a Golden Muzzle award for banning a wine because of it's label.
     The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression named the Alabama liquor agency as one of several winners for 2010.
     The Alabama episode is listed toward the top on the group's website, though that may just be our  alphabetic misfortune rather than a true ranking.
     The makers of the wine happily point out that their product is still available in 49 states, despite the scantily clad nymph it shows.
     They should send a free case or two to former Mayor Emory Folmer, now the ABC Board head, who's actions gave their product more publicity than they could possible have bought.


Warm Southern Breeze said...

If I'm not mistaken, the Hahn Family Wine's brand Cycles Gladiator is STILL sold in Alabama, albeit with a different label.

David said...

I don't live in Montgomery but my cousin says that the women who go to the same salon she goes to, claim that Emory Folmar is Monnkeytown's leading alcoholic. Which may effect his vision and at least his thinking abilities. Look at the picture, particularly her legs, and it is obvious that she is clothed.

Jay Croft said...

Sorry, David. She's naked as a jay-bird.

(I always wonder why my name is connected with nakedness.)


Jay Croft said...

Sorry the link to the photo didn't work out. Just Google up, under the image category, "Cycles Gladiator."