Feb 13, 2011

Public Broadcasting = $0

     PBS and NPR have long been targets of conservatives because of what they perceive to be a liberal slant.
     Now in control of the House, the GOP members have proposed a budget that includes this broadside to funding for public radio and TV:

The amounts included under the heading ‘‘Corporation for Public Broadcasting’’ in division D of Public Law 111–117 shall be applied to funds appropriated by this division as follows: by substituting ‘‘$0’’ for ‘‘$86,000,000’’; by substituting ‘‘$0’’ for ‘‘$25,000,000’’; by substituting ‘‘$0’’ for ‘‘$36,000,000’’; and by substituting ‘‘$0’’ for ‘‘$25,000,000’’.

     Ouch. And when you consider the deep cuts in Alabama state spending that are ahead, my friends at APT are facing some very difficult times indeed. Maybe I just carried my ties out of the building a touch early?
     Then again, the Democrats still control the U.S. Senate.

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Jay Croft said...

You left APT at the right time, Tim.

Of course the Republicans hate public broadcasting, for two reasons:

1. Programs like Sesame Street teach children to read. Reading makes them smarter, and the last thing the Republicans want are smart people.

2. Shows such as For the Record, and the national programs exposing, for example, ecological disasters are quite embarrasing to the Republicans.