Jun 21, 2012

APT Update

    Alabama Public Television may need to hire someone to keep up with who works there and who serves on their boards.
     Three more members of a foundation that raises money for the network have quit.

The APT Foundation Board of Directors

Gordon G. Martin, Chair
William E. Smith, Jr., Vice-Chair
Mr. Ferris W. Stephens, Chairman of AETC
Joseph B. Mays, Chair of AETFA
Terry E. Kellogg
D. Scott McLain
Alan T. Rogers

Alabama Educational Television Foundation Authority

(All Commission members are also Foundation members)

Joseph B. Mays Jr.,
Vanzetta Penn McPherson *
Allyson Edwards of Leeds
Robert E. Nesbitt

Mrs. Gloria J. Alexander Dennard, Birmingham

The resignations follow the firing of the Executive Driector and Chief Financial Officer by the group that really runs things at the network:

Alabama Educational Television Commission

Mr. Ferris W. Stephens, Chairman, Birmingham (6th congressional district)
Mr. Gregory O. Griffin, Sr., Vice-Chairman, Montgomery (2nd congressional district)
Dr. Rodney D. Herring, Secretary, Opelika (3rd congressional district)
Mrs. Bebe Williams, Huntsville (5th congressional district)
Mr. Les Barnett, Mobile (1st congressional district)
Dr. Dannetta K. Thornton Owens, Birmingham (7th congressional district)
Mr. J. Holland, Gadsden (4th congressional district)

ALSO:  In case you missed it, there's now no hope of APT ever being a major presence in Montgomery again. The Commission has agreed to sell the APT building on Madison Avenue to Alabama State University for use as a center for their communications education department.

[*Read an editorial about it from Judge McPherson in the Montgomery Advertiser.]

{Disclaimer: that's me on the left carrying my ties and leaving the APT Montogomery Production Facility after 11 years in 2009, when FTR, and my job, were eliminated. It was a foretelling of things to come.}


Jay Croft said...

Maybe, just maybe, APTV can get rid of the crazies, start up a new board and begin anew.

Hey, they might even be interested in buyint your present WAKA golden-windowed building!

Anonymous said...

It's about time to clean house.

wendy reed said...

How do i read Judge McPherson's editorial? The link doesn't link and I've not located it elsewhere. Thanks.