Mar 17, 2013

Rebel Yell

     There are no living veterans of the U.S. Civil War, but thanks to the U.S. Government Archives, some film of them exists, including an unusual 1930's re-enactment of the "rebel yell" that they used on the battlefield, presumably to frighten the Yanks.

Watch the video here, courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine.


Charles Kinnaird said...

Our high school marching band kept "Dixie" in it's repertoire until integration was completed around 1970. We usually ended halftime shows with Dixie which included the rebel yell (the music score even told where to insert the yell). Judging from this film archive, we had it pretty accurate. After the school integrated, we were told we would no longer play "Dixie." Most of us students had no clue as to why the song would be offensive since it was part of the culture. The song was even in the 4H song book and was often sung at the beginning of 4H meetings.

Tim Lennox said...

I missed all that growing up in "The Nawth"....thanks for the comment Charles.