Aug 5, 2013

MMMM - #396 -- Misusing Editorials

     I have worked for TV stations that have broadcast editorials before, and too often the grind of coming up with material wears the process down to the point that the station begins doing "editorials" in favor of motherhood and against stealing.

     Editorials should take a stand, sometimes a stand that goes against the community grain. They should make people think. They should be controversial and take chances, willing to risk angering some viewers for the overall good of encouraging discourse. People with viewpoints opposing the station must be given time to respond on air too.

     Most stations end up not doing editorials at all because, after all, why piss off viewers when you can get away with being quiet?

    Then there are those that do editorials, but use the process for their own financial reward. Such as the Alabama station whose owners are in a dispute with one of the satellite companies over fees. They broadcast an editorial disparaging Dish Network, urging them to agree to the station's demands. Hey, if the station wants to use its commercial or promotional time for that purpose, go for it. But that's a misuse of editorial time.


     CBS is in a feud with a provider too. Time Warner cable has pulled the network from CBS owned stations in a half dozen large markets...and they could to the same in other places. Time Warner does not provide cable service in Montgomery, but they are in Dothan.

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