Feb 24, 2016

Y'all? Is Maryland in The South?

     I got started on this posting after reading a story on al.com about the 20 best small towns in The South. And two were in Maryland, which is below the mason-Dixon line, but still.....
     Seems even Maryland has been trying to move out of The South. Huffington Post reported it five years ago.

.....lawmakers successfully petitioned to move from the Southern Region of the Council of State Governments to the Eastern Region, where they'll be able to trade ideas with fellow officials from Pennsylvania, New York, and other states they consider more like-minded.
"I just don't think we're as Southern as people used to think," said state Sen. Catherine Pugh, a Baltimore Democrat.

And lots of maps place Maryland in the north.

Of course www.timlennox.com now has a virtual Maryland bureau, since editor-of-many-things Jay and his wife moved up there a year or so ago. So I asked him to contribute and here's what he wrote:
Yes, Maryland is, basically, a Northern state. 

Our nation's capital was carved out of Maryland.  (And y'all know which side won the Civil War.) 

 I don't know much about those two towns listed, as they are in the eastern part of the state, which is mostly outside my income range.  Real estate prices are high around there.

Betcha you folks didn't know that the southern tip of New Jersey--a decidedly northern state--is further south than Baltimore, and at about the same latitude as the District of Columbia.

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