Mar 24, 2016

Media Extra: The Index of Civil Rights and Wrongs

     The folks at Poynter, perhaps the foremost journalism continuing education group in the U.S., have posted online an index to all of the Pulitzer Prizes that were awarded for writing involving what they call Social Justice and Equality.
     It is an excellent and hard won resource about the men and women who took a stand and won praise for it.
     I thought a simple search for the word "Alabama" would lay out for me all of the Pulitzer prizes won by state journalists, and those who won for writing about Alabama.
     No so fast. 
     There are only three direct uses of the state name, but let me tell you this. What happened in our state between 1900 and now runs as a thread through the entire 321 page document.
     Bookmark it, and spend some time with the people in journalism who made a difference.


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