Mar 19, 2016

Saturday Data: Take a Chance.

     The long arm of Alabama Law reached out to a couple of businesses and seized 90 gambling machines in the Brighton community near Birmingham on Wednesday. 
     Arrests are pending.
     In the meanwhile, ten miles North on Interstate 20, equally illegal gambling was taking place that same day with no interference from state or federal officials.
     The Alabama Attorney General's office took part in the Brighton raids, yet they have not taken a single step to stop the gambling being conducted by hundreds of thousands of Alabamians in offices in Birminghgam betting in "pools" on the results of the NBA "March Madness". 
     I would not be surprised to find brackets in state offices, even in the Attorney General's offices...and in Brighton too.
     If gambling is illegal in Alabama---and considering the expensive effort the state makes to shut down gaming operations I have to presume it is, then why do we wink at the massive multi- million dollar pools currently underway everywhere,
     I actually think gambling ought to be up to the person who wants to place a bet, but it we are going to throw some Brighton business owners in jail, how about the office workers in Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville and Birmingham who are betting, gambling, on the results of college basketball games?
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