Apr 3, 2016

Self-Bonding Coal Companies. And Coal Ash.

     The Washington Post reports U.S. taxpayer may have to pick up the tab for billions of dollars in clean-up costs at bankrupt coal mine sites.

The biggest coal companies typically pay third parties to ensure that mine sites are cleaned up in the event of financial hardship. But in recent years, many coal companies have relied on a cheaper technique called “self-bonding,” pledging only their own names and financial wherewithal to guarantee their cleanup obligations. 

     I wonder if the company officials pledged their own wealth and property. Nah, probably not. 
     According to a survey by The Interstate Mining Compact Commission, there are no companies in Alabama using self-bonding.

     Meanwhile, Georgia Power says it will close a dozen coal ash containment sites, and it may take years before the job is finished.

The containment pond at the ALAPOWCO Green County plant.
      Alabama Power is converting it's Greene County coal-fired power plant to natural gas. It has disposed of tons of coal ash from that plant in a huge containment pond on the property.

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