Aug 17, 2009

MMMM #54 - A Roundup

I'll have a special M (er, T)MMM tomorrow with two Alabama media developments that I think you'll find interesting, so today let me just point you towards a few noteworthy articles I read over the weekend:
  • In the Chicago Tribune, Mary McNamara wrote a piece about the old "Big Screen/Little Screen" critique of The Movies vs Television.
  • President Obama took a shoot the messenger stance on the raucous behavior at the town hall meetings. Like reporters were supposed to ignore the shouting and Hitler signs?
  • Anyone who has tried to get the attention of the media focused on the murder or assault of a family member will appreciate the effort underway in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. There may be a serial murderer at work there, with at least five women killed, but how to keep pressure on the media to report it? And does the fact the victims were all black prostitutes make a difference?
  • And, in today's N.Y. Times, the Financial Times, like Alabama's Anniston Star, has been one of the few newspapers to charge readers for content throughout the "information wants to be free" movement. Nowadays a lot of other newspaper folks are also taking a second look at charging as a way to save the medium.

[NOTE: that picture on the right shows a Linotype machine on display in the lobby of the Press-Register building in Mobile.]

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