Oct 24, 2009

WWJD Health Care

So the GOP is out today with a singular question about the health-care reform legislation: Will this make your life better? Here's the story about the Saturday GOP Radio Address and its self-centered all-about-me question. Not for the first time, I am left wondering about the party that regularly claims the mantle of religion. Imagine Jesus telling a parable and asking this question:
"Will helping these poor people make your life better?"
He might indeed ask, but I suspect it would be only because he wanted to explain that it would in fact make their lives better...not to convince them to deny the assistance. The GOP radio address makes me wonder if that's how they've been deciding how to vote on bills all these years. Hmmm, let's see, will this bill make my personal life better?

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  1. Fear mongering certainly seems to be Republicans' political stock in trade.

    I write that after reading the inane comments of Republican Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns in the linked story.

    Concerning "government delivered healthcare," the only comment I have, is that it certainly seems to work quite well for our Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen!

    But this issue is NOT about government delivery.

    It IS however, about deciding whether our nation can and should continue on the path we've been embarked upon for nearly three generations (post WWII era).

    That being, whether we shall continue to allow for-profit, Wall Street mega-billionaires and their ├╝ber-wealthy insurance companies to call the shots on our healthcare by the power of their purse.

    They have made their fortunes upon the backs of the suffering, and in the process, because of lack of regulation, caused and increased unnecessary suffering among untold Americans' lives.

    Among other unconscionable and inhumane acts, they have refused to pay for procedures, medications and treatments that healthcare professionals have deemed necessary.

    They have refused to pay for treatments after services were rendered after they cashed checks, claiming a "cap" or "incorrect date" was on the check. They've constantly changed the "rules of THEIR game," even in the middle of the "game," forcing the insured to dance to the tune of THEIR piper... like it or NOT! (Yeah, it's a mixed metaphor... but it works!)

    And these are but two egregious examples. There are countless, and untold MILLIONS more.

    One significant reason why healthcare costs in this nation are so out-of-control are because of insurance companies.

    It's a very simple-to-understand idea:

    Anytime anyone gets in between you and the check-out stand, you're gonna' pay more.

    Analogously, why would you pay me to pay your fuel costs for your automobile? Why would you pay me to pay for your groceries?

    We've done similarly with our healthcare in this nation for so long (since post WWII) that we've become accustomed to it, and act as if it can't be changed.

    Perhaps that "genie can't be put back into the bottle."

    I don't know.

    But, we can darn sure (and should) do something about the environment in which it is allowed to operate!

    Besides... if competition is good (and it is), why would the insurance companies (private enterprise) NOT want competition from the government?

    It just doesn't make sense... like most of what insurance companies say and do.

    Whatever they say, I'm disinclined to do, simply because they proven time and time and time again, that they CANNOT be trusted.

    They're in it to make money.

    They DON'T give a damn about you.

    Take away their profit motive and what do they have left?

    No reason for existence.

    They're NOT charitable organizations... like hospitals have historically been.

    Christian charities have operated hospitals for longer than health insurance companies have peddled health insurance.

    And they did a darn sight better when those whose filthy lucre turned it into a den of thieves stayed out.