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Dec 15, 2013

5th Worst Drivers in America: Alabamians

     So says a new survey reported in USA Today.
     And all of the top five are in The South.
     The survey results come from the website, which also 

reports that Alabama has the 3rd most dangerous roads in America, so I'm not sure how much the drivers are to blame!


Gary James Bridge said...

No wonder my car insurance almost doubled for my premium from WV (with the highest deer damage of any state, I believe?)for next year but WV wasn't on the Top Ten list! I have no claims, tickets, accidents, etc. Bad Alabama, bad!

Jay Croft said...

Yes, Alabama has some of the worst drivers on earth.

For example, what percentage of Alabama drivers use turn signals at all, and of those, what percentage use them correctly? (Flashing the signal after you've already begun a lane change is not correct usage.)