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Apr 20, 2018

Confederate Memorial Day

     N.Y. Magazine  puts Alabama's Current Governor and it's long ago Governor---George "Today Tomorrow Forever" Wallace---in a similar mold.

"...her first reelection ad boasts of her efforts to preserve the state’s many Confederate monuments, and scores the “politically correct nonsense” from “folks in Washington” suggesting that the self-styled Heart of Dixie might need to come to grips with its past in the kind of ways that “special interest groups” (e.g., every civil-rights organization in the state) recommend."
                                                                     Full Story HERE

Be prepared for a lot more of this kind of thing next Monday----Confederate Memorial Day----

A Church group plans a protest, though there do not seem to be any Baptist churches on the list. 

Faith in Action Alabama
  • Pastor Shane Isner, First Christian Church
  • Khadida Stone, Young Community Leader  
  • Father Manuel Williams, Resurrection Catholic Missions
  • Pastor Lynn Hopkins, Unitarian Universalist Church of Montgomery

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