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Dec 4, 2018

EJI: State Prisons Have Highest Mortality Rate. Will Anyone in Alabama Care?

 The EJI report says seven of the prisoner murders in Alabama prisons ins the past five years were in the Elmore County prison.

"Thirty-five prisoners have been murdered in ADOC facilities in the past five years.  Nine of the homicides occurred at St. Clair.  Twenty-one of the homicides occurred at medium security facilities: seven at Elmore, four at Bullock, four at Bibb, and four at Staton, one at Ventress and one at Kilby. This week's violence at Holman along with violent incidents at Elmore and St.Clair have created an unprecedented crisis in Alabama prisons with regard to the safety of prisoners and staff.  
The mortality rate within Alabama prisons is at a record level. The number of deaths in Alabama prison, many of which are from non-natural causes including homicide, suicide, and drug overdoses greatly exceed what other states are seeing. The mortality rate in Alabama's prisons has more than doubled over the past 10 years."

Read the entire Equal Justice Initiative report HERE.

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