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Dec 5, 2018

Hale County on The National Stage (Again).

UPDATE: This documentary is scheduled for a showing at The Capri Theater in Montgomery on February 2nd, at least according to the producers. It does not show up on the theater's online schedule.

A documentary about Hale County Alabama has earned a wonderful review in none less than The New York Times.

Review: A Multiplicity of Moments in Under 80 Minutes in ‘Hale County’

 Hale County, Ala., is where Walker Evans documented in photographs the lives of white sharecroppers in the Depression era; Evans, with the writer James Agee, created the still-moving book “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.” Mr. (RaMell) Ross shows a different disenfranchised community, homing in on three individuals: Daniel and Quincy, high school ballplayers, one of whom makes his way to college, and Boosie, the mother of Quincy’s children. Mr. Ross, who’s also a photographer, met his subjects while working as a teacher and basketball coach in the county of the movie’s title.

Watch the preview HERE!



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