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Jun 11, 2019

Alabama Passes on Available Millions

The "American Gaming Association" reports today that revenue continues to grow at commercial casinos. From their report:

  • The commercial casino sector—with 465 casinos—logged its fourth consecutive year of gaming revenue growth and outpaced the national economic growth rate in 2018;
  • The industry generated $9.7 billion in gaming taxes for state and local governments, a number that does not account for the billions more in sales, income and other taxes that benefit communities; and
  • Half of the 24 states with commercial casinos reported record annual gaming revenue with nearly every state seeing gains in 2018, contributing to the strength of local economies across the country.

     Alabama does not allow casino gambling, nor really, any gambling at all. That includes lotteries, despite longstanding public approval.

     Alabama neither regulates nor profits from the Native American casinos.
     Only the tribe knows how much they make, but they just bought a Pennsylvania casino for $1. 3 Billion.

     If the state agreed to let the tribe offer real casino gambling, roulette and card games etc, the tribe has said it would agree to pay at least some taxes on all of that money.

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