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Jun 11, 2019

An Apology by The N.Y. Police, Like The One in Montgomery 6 Years Ago.

Murphy talks with Alabama News Network About his apology.
     When he was Montgomery Police chief in 2013, Kevin Murphy handed his badge to John Lewis, apologizing for the attack on him and other Freedom Riders at the Greyhound Station in the city in 1961.
     Now the Police Commissioner in New York City, James P. O'Neil, has apologized for the police raid on the Stonewall gay bar in New York in 1969. 

A man attending a Montgomery Gay Pride event.


The New York Times reports:

“I didn’t tell anybody,” Mr. O’Neill said. “I made the decision that morning.”
His words represented a break from the past for the department and for Mr. O’Neill, who rose to the top policing job in New York City under Mr. Bratton’s wing. But with the city hosting a global gathering known as WorldPride to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the uprising, pressure was building.
“I think it would have been humiliating not to have done this,” said Ann Northrop, a longtime gay activist. “And look what they got: worldwide publicity. They look like good guys.”

The full N.Y. Times story is HERE.


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