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Jul 11, 2019


   FCC votes 3-2 along party-lines to allow broadcasters to air kids programs earlier than decades-long regulations required, i.e., to allow broadcasters to bury another hour of it at 6:00 AM.

From "Deadline" website:

"FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly, said the limitations were burdensome and out of step with the media landscape of 2019. Today, they argue, broadcasters now compete with YouTube, Netflix and a host of other outlets for kids fare that were not in play when the rules were drafted.
“Our family consumes a fair share of children-centric programming – whether its Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Peppa Pig or Thomas the Tank Engine,” O’Rielly wrote in a blog post in 2018, noting he is the father of a toddler. “But none of these shows are aired on commercial broadcast stations. In fact, I can’t think of the last time, if ever, we turned to a local broadcast television station for children’s programming.


 I'm guessing he would also vote to eliminate all of PBS, since they carry the bulk of all of kid's TV shows.
  Why not just eliminate all programming requirements to keep big bad government entirely out of the TV business? In fact, why just not vote yourself out of a job and abolish the agency other than for technical regulation?

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