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Jul 11, 2019

Montgomery: Eviction Capital of Alabama

    Almost six times every day, Montgomery County Alabama Sheriff's Deputies throw Montgomery residents out of their homes.    
     It's their job to carry out court-ordered evictions, forcing people who have refused to follow court orders to leave. 
     Deputies may also move the belongings people have left inside the house or apartment at the curb.

     Montgomery has the highest eviction rate in Alabama.

     The Eviction Lab website ranks Montgomery 27th in U.S. on their list of the top evicting cities in America. The lab reports there were 2,074 evictions in the city in 2016. 


     And people who have been evicted face other problems too, writes the Eviction Lab:

"Eviction causes a family to lose their home. They often are also expelled from their community and their children have to switch schools. Families regularly lose their possessions, too, which are piled on the sidewalk or placed in storage, only to be reclaimed after paying a fee. A legal eviction comes with a court record, which can prevent families from relocating to decent housing in a safe neighborhood, because many landlords screen for recent evictions. Studies also show that eviction causes job loss, as the stressful and drawn-out process of being forcibly expelled from a home causes people to make mistakes at work and lose their job. Eviction also has been shown to affect people's mental health: one study found that mothers who experienced eviction reported higher rates of depression two years after their move. The evidence strongly indicates that eviction is not just a condition of poverty, it is a cause of it."

You can download the Alabama Tenants Handbook HERE at the Alabama Arise website.


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