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Sep 28, 2019

Trans Rights Protest

     Several Dozen people took part in a protest in favor of Trans rights today at the Alabama Capital steps.

     Alabama's existing hate crimes law doesn't even include sexual orientation, much less the more specific Trans designation.

     The New York Times reported on the wave of murders of Trans people on Friday:

"In the United States this year, at least 18 transgender people — most of them transgender women of color — have been killed in a wave of violence that the American Medical Association has declared an “epidemic.” The killings, which have been reported across the country, have for some prompted a heightened sense of vigilance." 

The first Transgender murder of the year happened in Montgomery:

Dana Martin, 31, a Black transgender woman, was fatally shot in Montgomery, Alabama, on January 6. Reports stated that she was found in a roadside ditch in her vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd, an Alabama-based trans advocate, said that “she was a person that was loved by many.”

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