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Oct 7, 2019

AP: Catholic Church Lacked Follow Up to Sex Allegtions

 The Associated Press has conducted a wide ranging search of religious figures who had been the focus of credible sexual abuse allegations. It found:
"Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members... living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious authorities or law enforcement, decades after the first wave of the church abuse scandal roiled U.S. dioceses. That included this Alabama reference:
"The Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology was not aware of the allegations against former priest William Finger when he was licensed as a counselor in 2012. The Brooklyn diocese publicly named Finger only in 2017, even though he had been laicized since 2002 because of abuse allegations.
According to a complaint filed in January with the board, a woman who asked not to be named contacted Finger’s employer last year to say he had abused her for a decade, beginning when he was a priest and she was 12 years old. She said he kissed her, fondled her and digitally penetrated her and also alleged he had sexually abused her sister and a female cousin.
The employer fired Finger, now 83, and reported the allegations to the state’s licensing board.
In many states, allegations dating from before someone was licensed or that never made it to court would have been dismissed. But Alabama’s board issued an emergency suspension because it is allowed to consider issues of “moral character” from any point in a licensed individual’s life."

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