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Jul 27, 2021

Alabama Tax Revenue Jumps.... fact Alabama revenue has increased more than all of the other Southeastern States!


Despite historic declines in the first half of 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, tax revenue was on the mend in most states by the end of the year. Boosted by widespread gains in the fourth quarter, total state tax collections had recovered to just 1.9% below their pre-pandemic levels by the close of 2020, after adjusting for inflation, and receipts in 20 states had rebounded fully. Overall, state tax revenue has been on track to bounce back far faster than it did after the Great Recession.

Tax Revenue in Four Quarters Ending Q4 2020 Compared With Prior Year, Adjusted for Inflation:

Alabama +2.8

Tennessee +2.6

Georgia +1.5

S. Carolina +0.06

N. Carolina +0.01

Arkansas -0.04

Mississippi -0.7

Louisiana -4.02

Florida -6.3

See the full PEW report HERE.



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