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Jul 27, 2021

Emmett Till

I stumbled across two online postings regarding Emmett Till this week. One is an article in The Atlantic detailing what is know, and what is supposed, about the 1955 torture/murder of the Chicago teenager in Mississippi.

The other is a photograph of his body. It is the 25th photo in THIS SERIES online. 

I had heard this photo described, but had never see it. It is as horrible as advertised. Till's mother insisted he be in an open coffin so people could see what the murderers had done to her son. The photo continues that effort, even now.


 The Atlantic article is HERE.

Dirt covered the spot where Till was beaten, and where investigators believe he was killed. Andrews thinks he was strung from the ceiling, to make the beating easier. The truth is, nobody knows exactly what happened in the barn, and any evidence is long gone. Andrews pointed to the central rafter.

“That right there is where he was hung at.”

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