Jul 25, 2022

Old Can Be Beautiful!


THE 90S CLUB • SUNDAY, JULY 31 @ 1:00

Sponsored by AARP of Alabama. Post show Q&A with films editor, Brandon Vestal.

The 90s Club hands the mic to 12 charming people in their nineties to prove that empathizing and listening to seniors is not just socially responsible, but hearing their voices can be inspiring, enriching, funny, and compelling. A paradox of old age is that older people have a greater sense of well-being than younger ones – not because they’re unreservedly blissful, but because they accept the happiness and sadness in their lives, and leverage this mixture when life serves up challenges. Much less time is spent on anger, stress, and worry.

 This documentary features a dozen diverse individuals (Dick Van Dyke, a Cleveland man who survived three concentration camps during the Holocaust, a still practicing attorney from Montgomery, AL, Fred Gray, who represented Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and recently received the Medal of Freedom, a 99-year-old woman who taught in a one room school house and the world’s oldest performing drag queen, among others) who candidly talk about death and loss, but also about love and connection, about accomplishment and meaning. Through their touching, sometimes humorous, and reflective stories, we begin to gain some insight as to how one can become so wise through life experience.

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